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Repair Credit Errors

We fix errors on credit reports and help with identity theft.
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Debt Collection

We help stop all types of debt collection abuse across Georgia.
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Cell Abuse

We stop cell phone calls and robocalls from businesses and collection agencies.
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We help negotiate fair results for you with big insurance companies.
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Fix Credit Reporting Errors

One of the things that our law firm does is represent Georgia consumers who are having problems with businesses. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that businesses report accurate information to the credit bureaus if they decide to report information.
Fixing someone’s credit is an important legal process.

In today’s world, one’s credit can impact their ability to get a job, the amount of down payment or deposit they will need, price of their vehicle and home. Having incorrect information on your credit report can do serious damage to your life. We can help consumers dispute information with credit card companies, banks, cell phone providers, cable providers, debt collectors more.

Stop Debt Collection Abuse

Our firm also represents consumers across the state of Georgia in cases against debt collectors. Debt collection law is highly regulated. Debt collectors have a right to collect the debt, however they must do it within the law. This seems to be a major problem for most bill collectors. For so many years there have not been enough consumer lawyers in Georgia.

This caused widespread violations because there was very little risk that you would ever talk with consumer law firm. In this website you will find a list of things the debt collectors are not allowed to do. These violations allow you to recover damages. One of the most important laws and consumer debt is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This law has done a tremendous amount for consumer protection.

Stop Collectors Calling Cell Phones

Our firm also has a priority on defending and stopping debt collectors and other businesses from calling you on your cell on without permission. In prior years, debt collector would have to pick up the phone and out each of your phone digits in order for the phone ring. Often you would not answer it, and often it would go to voicemail.

This caused debt collector to spend a great amount of time not speaking with people. More recent years have advanced technology that allow them to call hundreds of phone lines at the same time. This allows the debt collector to wait until someone actually answers the phone, and the computer system will transfer the call to them. These are commonly referred to as Robo calls or calls using an automated dialer. If a business is calling your cell phone without your permission this is a legal.

We can help you stop debt collectors from calling your cell phone. Congress has determined that these violations are worth $500 per call, and if intentional $1500 per call. If you need an attorney in Georgia to help you with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, call today.