Writing Personal Injury Demand Letters to Settle Claims & Cases

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Hello, today were going to discuss the topic of writing a successful personal injury demand letters in Georgia to the insurance company after an accident.  This is integral to being a personal injury attorney and in the broader sense, settling a personal injury claim.  A personal injury demand letter is a letter to the insurance company offering to settle the case in full.  And, that’s the purpose of the letter is to get to the finale of being done the case. So, what goes into a personal-injury letter?
Writing Georgia Personal Injury Demand Letters
In previous articles we’ve discussed the liability that […]

Trucking Accident Attorney in Barnesville, Georgia

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There are a great deal of tractor trailers speeding and driving around Barnesville, Georgia.  The truck stop is just down the road.  Getting in an accident with a big semi is like a bowling ball on a pool table.  Things are not right.  You are going to need a Barnesville truck accident attorney soon. Have you been injured in a …

Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer Jackson, GA

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Trucking cases present different issues for the injured.  The weight of the truck increases the likelihood of a serious injury.  Due to this, the Georgia legislature has passes numerous regulations on the trucking industry to increase their safety record.  Being able to get access through the litigation process can make or break your case.  This is just one of many …

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Motorcycle accidents are difficult cases.  Like our housing market, a motorcycle claim can easily go “under water” if you don’t watch out.  In any motorcycle accident case that involves injuries, get an attorney immediately.  Trust me.  There are pitfalls waiting for you around every corner.  If you were in a motorcycle accident in Jackson, Georgia or Butts County, then you …

Motorcycle Accident Settlements

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 We have gone around the web and located some interesting and insightful cases and settlements.  We have added in some of our own victories as well just to toot our own horn.  We all know the saying.  With that being said, let us showcase a deeper understanding of the values of motorcycle accident settlements by your favorite motorcycle accident attorney in Atlanta, Georgia.
Roadside Shrine for Terry Michael Gill
A recent motorcycle accident settlement involved a broken forearm that required surgery. The surgery entailed a metal plate and screws […]