What is identity theft? This is when another opens a line of credit in your name. The account is charged to you.
However, identity theft is not as common as people think. What do I mean? Many of the issues are not identity theft, but rather the credit bureaus making a mistake. How does identity theft in Georgia happen? How can I defend against identity theft? Are you sure this is not a problem with the credit bureaus like Equifax in Atlanta, Georgia? What is a merged or mismatched file or credit report? How do I dispute information on my credit that is not mine?

Will the credit bureaus take this information off my credit report if I dispute with the credit bureaus directly? When do I need to get a consumer credit attorney involved with bad credit errors?
What if the information on my credit that is not mine is good? For example, you check your credit and you see an old credit card account, but it comes with a debt collector. What if the wrong information on my credit report that is not mine is bad? How long does it take the CRAs to fix their credit errors? Well…
they may never fix these problems. That is the problem with your credit report to begin with.

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