John Edwards Not Guilty

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John Edwards speaks in Osceola

John Edwards speaks in Osceola— (

UPDATE:  It is over for John Edwards.  The drama of the trial is over.  Time to bust out the cigars, you won again.  The lion of the courtroom just did it again.  He knows how to win in court.  The feds know it.  They recently released this statement.  “Last month, the government put forward its best case against Mr. Edwards, and I am proud of the skilled and professional way in which our prosecutors…. conducted this trial,” he said, adding that he respected the jury’s judgment and decided not to seek a retrial “in the interest of justice.”


John Edwards found not guilty on one count.  The jury could not reach a verdict on the other two counts.  The question is will the Justice Department refile this matter?

What is to be served by retrying this case?

Did he use money to influence the campaign?

Was it even campaign money or a gift from a friend to take care of a personal problem.  Especially since the Supreme Court changed the rules with the Citizens United case.

It is being reported that the judge is the case was attempting to change “the reason” to “a reason” which are totally different standards. She wanted him to be found guilty so badly.  It is also reported that she ruled in the state’s favor for almost every evidentiary ruling.

John Edwards is to speak after the ruling.  He is going to make a short statement about the ruling.  He will not want to piss off the government so they want another pound of flesh, but also show his innocence.


He thanked the jurors for their work and serious work.  He thanked them for paying attention to the evidence.  He thought they reached a fair result.  He praised the judicial system.  He praised the jurors for being so good.

He took responsibility.  He wanted people to hear him say that even though he did not think what he did was illegal, what he did was wrong.  No one is responsible for what he did, but him.  He says he is accountable for his sins.

He also spoke to his family.  His parents were called out for being on his side.  He spoke of his love for his brother and sister.  He also spoke about his own children.  He said he knew it was hard for his children to hear some of the evidence of the case.

He had his daughter and dad standing behind him as he spoke.


A Republican prosecutor is the one that brought the case.  He later left that position to run for office.  Do you think he wore red or blue?  He is a republican, of course.  President Obama’s Justice Department let the case continue after he left  because they lost their balls.

Many pundits are calling his speech quality TV.  He was careful to say that he never violated campaign finance laws.

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