Lawyer, Sylvia Jean Junn, Allegedly Kills Husband & Unknown Women in Gwinnett

You always hear strange stories about lawyers, and today is no different.  We have a news story that is developing in the Atlanta area involving a lawyer and murder suicide.

Lawyer kills, Justice

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This is not a fun story to tell or to listen to.  ”The investigation revealed that Charles Junn and the female victim likely had an affair in the past,” Smith said in a news release Wednesday.

Local attorney, Sylvia Jean Junn, is the subject of this news event.  She is the lawyer that is accused of taking two lives before taking her own.  Please note that this information is early and could be flawed.  With that as the background, here is the story.

She was an immigration attorney that was married to a professor.  She owned her own law practice, so she was likely stressed out.  She worked in Gwinnett and spoke Spanish, Korean and English.  Her and her family is from the state of California.

It is reported that she shot her husband, Charles Junn, and an unknown woman.  Her identity is likely known, but being withheld by the police.

She shot both people, and then drove off.  However, she returned to the scene to find the police there.  Instead of turning her self in, it is reported that she shot herself on the spot.

Not sure why she returned?  Perhaps it was to show everyone that it was her.  Perhaps it was to make sure the job was done.  Perhaps she didn’t do it.  I have no idea.  The news story is all we have, and the news is reliably unreliable in my opinion.  However, it is a sad day for her family and the family of the unknown woman.  The unknown woman has a wrongful death claim against the attorney.

When someone gets shot, it is unlikely that they will die immediately.  It is more likely that they experienced a high level of pain and suffering.

Lawyers Killing People in the News:

Lawyer kills husband herself in possible love triangle Atlanta Journal Constitution

Lawyer kills husband herself in possible love triangle. Atlanta Journal Constitution. Junn was an immigration attorney who ran her own practice in Gwinnett. Her husband a former adjunct college professor was the firm’s executive director. The two owned a home in nearby north Fulton County. But Tuesday evening Junn apparently snapped. and more.…  This is the story that I discuss above.  I just wanted to provide a link to article for those interested in learning more about this tragic accident.

Kandi Hall witness in a Boise lawyer’s killing admits to stealing money from The Idaho Statesman

The Idaho Statesman. Kandi Hall witness in a Boise lawyer’s killing admits to stealing money from The Idaho Statesman. Hall is the witness in the murder of attorney Emmett Corrigan killed in March 2011. Her husband Robert Dean Hall is accused of first-degree murder in Corrigan’s death in a Walgreen’s parking lot in Meridian. A jury trial is set for Aug. 8.…

Trial of Houston Lawyer Accused of Plotting to Kill Wife Is Delayed After New ABC News  ABC News. Trial of Houston Lawyer Accused of Plotting to Kill Wife Is Delayed After New ABC News. The trial of a man accused of trying to have his wife killed has been delayed after the disclosure of new information that the prosecution’s star witness a woman who confessed her involvement in the murder, which is defined as the unlawful killing with malice aforethought of another human, attempts might have been involved in a prior Stern murder-for-hire trial postponed until July.  Shocking twist in Bellaire socialite case.  Is the husband’s mistress a wannabe?  ”He had nothing to do with this and could not do anything with this,” she said. “We are victims of a fatal attraction.”  ”This is a startling revelation, and it severely damages the prosecution’s case,” DeGuerin said. “Their case relies on the believability of the Gaiser woman.”

Illinois divorce lawyer allegedly pays $7,000 towards a $20,000 contract to kill a client’s ex-husband.  It was rumored that they had started a relationship together.  The attorney had a full career ahead of him.  This was a total stupid thing to do.  You can read the full article here.

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