When you are injured in a McDonough accident, the first thing to do is to contact a McDonough Injury Lawyer.  Auto Accident Lawyers know that Henry County car accidents happen daily.  With Interstate 75 going through Henry County, too many cars equals more wrecks.  So, if you have been in a traffic accident, contact a McDonough Accident Attorney.

Your health insurance may not cover ANY of the bills.  They will leave it up to pay for your own treatment and then try to recover from at-fault driver’s insurance company.


Once you have been hurt in an auto accident, bills will start to pile up.  A normal auto wreck case has ambulance bills that can hurt your credit score. Hospital bills for the injuries come in.  Doctor’s bills also exist because of your auto accident.  You might incur imagining bills, chiropractic bills, medication, lost wages, future lost wages, pain and suffering, future pain and suffering, future loss of enjoyment of life, and future medical bills.  These can quickly add up to you being in a bad situation because another drive hit your car.  What to do?  Contact a McDonough personal injury lawyer who can go over each of the above issues.  Sometimes, the injuries will be so serious that someone passes away, which is when you need a Georgia wrongful death attorney.  It is of the utmost importance to get legal assistance immediately.

As an experienced law firm, we will negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf.

Each auto insurance company has its own way of negotiating or not negotiating your claim.  It takes knowledge of past settlements and verdicts similar to know when to settle and when to file a lawsuit because of the car wreck.

The Law Office of Joseph P. McClelland has the experience you need in dealing with insurance companies.  We will handle your auto accident claim in McDonough and Henry County. If you have been in an auto accident, tractor trailer collision, or a motorcycle wreck, contact your McDonough Lawyer at 770-775-0938.

If you have been in an auto wreck, we can help you recover money for certain items.  These include past and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and in some cases, punitive damages.   Do not let the insurance claim handler tell you what to do.  And NEVER sign anything the insurance company asks you sign.  Especially any releases or authorizations to get your medical records.  We will get them and disclose the relevant information after we see it first.  Hiring a Georgia personal injury lawyer is the right move to make.

We handle most auto accident cases on a contingency basis, which means we do not recover until you do.


Q.  I missed work for one week after I was rear-ended on Interstate 75 in an Auto Collision.  Can I get all the money I would have made at work?

A. Generally, yes.  To recover lost wages in an auto collision, your McDonough lawyer will need to obtain a lost wage verification letter from your employer and a note from your doctor.  Other forms of evidence may also be used in an personal injury case, such as tax returns, bank deposits.  These will be especially important if you are self-employed.  But, it is important to note that you can recover your lost wages because of the tort/personal injury case.


For more information on this subject and other McDonough accidents, visit our sitemap on McDonough, Georgia legal representation.  We discuss various topics such as wrongful death cases in Henry County, Georgia.  Every wrongful death case should be handled with care and diligence.  If you have lost a family member because of another’s negligence or intentional act, contact my law office immediately.  The Georgia Wrongful Death Act controls the legal aspects of the case, and deadlines are to be taken seriously.

Always have your interests protected  by someone who will fight for your rights and demand full recovery for your loss.


The physics behind the accident do not leave much room for close calls.  You will be seriously or catastrophically injured from this incident.  Insurance coverage will be on your mind right after the first round of medical treatment occurs.  You will need legal representation.  Insurance law and stacking of various policies are well beyond the depth of this article.  Needless to say, it is well beyond the initial grasps of a novice.  Call Joseph P. McClelland for your McDonough representation.

We are all bound to pass away at sometime in our lives.  That is an unavoidable fact.  Over time our bodies will start to break down, like all things, and we will die.  It is tough to fully understand that, but we have since we were little.  On the other hand, we all expect to pass away from natural causes when we are really, really old.  We don’t expect to die in an accident out of the blue with no warnings.

When you die of old age, no one is to blame.  It was just life.  But, when they die because of the actions of another, that changes things.  Someone is at-fault.  Someone has the blame.  Someone took another’s life.  This is when you should consult a wrongful death lawyer in McDonough or Georgia.  Don’t let them off the hook.  The police and district attorney may not charge them with a crime.  Further, the person who died likely suffered pain and suffering, would have made his salary over the rest of his life, and even more items of recovery.  The accident could have been because of a tractor trailer, motorcycle accident, car accident, or something else.

If the death occurred due to a car accident, then different insurance policies may come into play.  Even your own uninsured motorist coverage may come into play.  Your insurance company likely requires early notification.  Be sure to act promptly by consulting me or another law firm immediately.

Henry County, Georgia is growing everyday and not every new person is so great.  As the city grows, more people will die or be killed in accidents or intentionally killed or murdered by another.  The criminal justice system has its flaws.  The civil justice system does as well.  However, you would be surprised at the deals criminal lawyers can get their clients.  The only punishment may be money, their money and their insurance company’s money.

We represent clients throughout the state in Georgia wrongful death litigation, wrongful death settlements, and insurance negotiations for the cities of McDonough, Stockbridge, Locust Grove, Hampton, Eagle’s Landing, Jenkinsburg, Jackson, Griffin, Monticello, Forsyth, Macon, Lithonia, Jonesboro, Forest Park, Conley, Atlanta, Marietta, Decatur and more.  Call us today for a consultation at 770-775-0938.

Truck AccidentsMcDonough, Georgia and Henry County have a huge stretch of interstate 75 going right through it.  I know that when you have interstates, you have tractor trailer accidents.  There are countless ways you could be involved in a tractor trailer injury.

When you are injured, seek medical attention.  It just makes plain sense.  The emergency room must treat you regardless of how much money you have, or don’t have.  You already have a job, getting better.  Let me as your injury lawyer worry about getting those bills paid, and you paid for all you went through. You have suffered pain.  You have had your life changed.  Your car has damage.  You are missing work.  You are in pain and sure when you will get healthy again.  You have enough to worry about.  Let me take it over from here and get you the compensation you deserve.  If you try to handle the negotiations yourself, you will come out on the bottom.  Trust me.  The insurance company has spent millions of dollars on studies on how to get you to go away for little or nothing.  And, then, feel bad about it.  Let me take care of the insurance company in your tractor trailer accident or 18 wheeler wreck.

Call our firm today for free consultation to maximize the compensation to you at 770-775-0938.

One way to get hurt by an 18 wheeler is when they jackknife.  That is when the back of the truck turns over, and then it pulls the front of the semi truck over.  This type of wreck can be caused by the sudden turn, and the truck can’t realign fast enough.  A jackknifed truck spreads itself out causing damages to anyone in several lanes of traffic.

Call our firm today for free consultation to maximize the compensation to you at 770-775-0938.

With the stop and go traffic in McDonough, the interstate is often backed up.  This is when you have a problem.  I know that an 18 wheeler has problems stopping as fast as a car can.  This causes rear-end accidents with a commercial vehicle very likely.

I see that driver fatigue is also a significant cause of tractor trailer accidents in McDonough.  Truck driver work long shifts.  And, it is quite difficult to concentrate for such a long period of time.  Their job is difficult.  But, being tired can be related to serious injuries and deaths.

In this post, we will review the legal aspects of a recent car accident happened in McDonough, Henry County.  The accident happened midday.  Two passengers where driving from Florida to North Georgia when an accident occurred up ahead.  The driver of the car stopped as well as all of the cars in front of them.  However, one person did not stop.  That was the guy not paying attention behind them.  Guess what happened next?  Bam.  To make matters worse, if the driver had not been drinking, the accident may not have occurred.

Now, Interstate 75 anywhere in Georgia is ripe for motor vehicle accidents, but one involving alcohol is one that should not happen.  Well, in the above case, the first thing the injured person should do is to go to the emergency room.  Because of the car accident on Interstate 75, the other driver’s insurance will have to pay all reasonable medical expenses.  In addition, if the victims are caused to miss work because of the wreck, they are entitled to recover those.  Anxiety and pain also entitle them to compensation for the wreck.  Note, that with a DUI driver, additional leverage will be used to get a higher settlement because of the outside chance of a punitive damage award.

19 people were involved in car accident in Henry County, Georgia.  The accident involved four cars and 19 people.  According to local police, 10 people were injured and one was seriously injured.  The accident happened on interstate 75 going through Henry County.  Interstate 75 is a widely-driven interstate that goes from south Georgia to North Georgia.  At the time of this post, very little is known about the details.  We will update when we have more information about the four car accident in McDonough.

The first issue is about the available and sustainability of insurance. This is a must. There must be auto insurance in order to pay the claims, especially in a tough economy like ours. This is because most people today do not have assets to attach after a personal injury claim. Because of this we are limited to insurance proceeds from policies.

In this example, if 9 people were injured in one car, then we will have a major problem. Most of the individuals will not have any relief from the proceeds of the auto insurance policy. I will explain.

The average person has the legal minimum limit of twenty-five thousand per person and fifty thousand per claim. That means that $50,000 must be split between the claimants, all nine of them. What will likely happen is the first two to file a claim with significant injuries will deplete the policies and the others will get nothing.

Hopefully, that was not the case. Injuries with multiple people getting injured creates numerous problems.

A Henry County school bus and a car got into accident on April 12, 2010 in Henry County, Georgia.  It is being reported that no one was seriously injured.  However, the report states that the driver of the car was treated for injuries and taken to Grady Hospital.  The driver was a 62 year old man.  The driver of the car, apparently, side swiped the bus on Highway 81 in Henry County, Georgia shortly after the school bus had pick up some children.

A couple of thoughts on school buses.  First, why don’t they have seat belt?  Have you seen those videos of little kids flying through the air?  Given, it will be near impossible for the driver to make sure they put and keep the on, but still.  Secondly, a school bus is like being hit by a tractor trailer.  There will be some damage, and someone will get hurt.  It seems like simple physics.  Big versus small.  Personal injuries can change your life.  You may need medical attention, recovery of lost wages, and pain and suffering damages.

This website is quite large and I encourage you to keep reading different pages for one that most fits your needs.  Now, nothing in this website is legal advice, so it is important call me for a free consultation on your case.


A Georgia police officer was killed in a traffic accident on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 according to recent reports.  The police officer’s name was James Jimmy Franklin Carter, Jr.  Our prayers go out to the family and friends of the officer.  Mr. Carter worked for the Henry County Police Department.  We worked as a detective in the criminal Investigation Division as a K-9 officer.  He was a Field Training Officer, as well.  At this time, very little is being reported.  Once again, our condolences go out to those who knew him well.


Henry County, Georgia has had explosive population growth in the last several years.  What used to be a cute little city is now a city.  And what used to be normal traffic became incredible traffic.  As you know, that traffic in the city and on the expressway in Henry County.

Henry County motorcycle accidents are very common for several reasons.  The first reason is the population rides more motorcycles than a County in New York, for example.  Our weather is better for longer is another reason why people in Henry County drive more motorcycles and subsequently have more motorcycle accidents.  For example,  someone who lives in McDonough may ride their motorcycle every weekend.  The same thing for Stockbridge, Georgia motorcycle drivers.

With Interstate 75 going through Henry County, and I believe Henry County has the most miles of I-75 than any Georgia County, the accidents, sadly, pile up.  Tractor trailer accidents are quite different from car accidents on the legal side.  Because tractor trailers have the potential to cause such great damages and they are commercial vehicles, strong federal law exists adding to the complexity of these tractor trailer litigation cases.  Also, insurance companies treat tractor trailer or 18 wheeler accidents very differently, as well.  It is often said in the plaintiff attorney’s world that if you are in a bad tractor trailer accident, someone from the insurance company was already on the scene before you left.  Now, that may be part fable, but it does ring true.  Commercial vehicles carry so much more insurance than a normal car, it is like apples and oranges.  The insurance company has a lot to lose in these types of cases, and they know it.  If you want to try to handle your own accident case, not only is normally a bad idea, this is worst idea you have thought of.  So, in a way, congratulations for such a bad idea. (That is a joke, call a tractor trailer lawyer, like me, right now)

What do to after a Motorcycle Accident in McDonough?

First, seek medical attention for your injury.  Likely, you were taken to the hospital like Henry Medical Center which is a 215-bed not-for-profit community-based hospital Buildings and structures in Henry County, Georgia Category, but you might have refused.  Either way, get medical attention.  Then, call my office.  You have things to do, such as get better, try to get back to work, get your life back on tract, and other things.

Our law firm will collect all of your medical bills associated with your motorcycle wreck.  We will also discuss your injuries with your doctors to make sure we fully understand the level of your injuries.  We will collect information on any lost wages, pain and suffering, future pain and suffering, future medical bills, loss of enjoyment of life, and more.  Each injury case is different.  One person may have a neck strain that corrects in a couple of weeks.  Another person may not heal from their motorcycle collision for months, or even may require surgery.  So, everyone is different, and each case should be handled so, as well.