The McClelland Law Firm represents family members and loved ones of persons who were killed in auto accidents in the state of Georgia.  We all know that driving can be dangerous, but when someone loses their life in a car accident, it just doesn’t make sense.

Regardless who you hire as your

Atlanta wrongful death attorney, I can not make the pain of your loss go away.  I can not bring criminal charges.  What I can do is to file a civil suit and obtain justice through the court system.  This changes little behind the emotions that go with losing someone who was killed in a car accident in Georgia, but somethings can and must be done.

What Do You Do When a Spouse or Family Member Killed in Car Crash?

Collect all of the paperwork that you have including the accident report, phone numbers to investigators, phone number to insurance companies, you insurance policy, and photos or other items you feels are relevant to the accident or recovery.  As your Atlanta wrongful death lawyer, I will review all of the evidence and facts and take the appropriate actions to maximize your recovery in the case.  This is not the time and place for you to test out your legal skills.  If you do not call me right now, please contact someone else.  I refuse to let families get ruined by insurance companies.

Who Can Bring a Lawsuit in a Fatal Car Accident in Atlanta, Georgia?

Generally speaking, the laws are similar to those of inheritance.  For example, if a child were to die from an auto accident, then the parents would be able to file the claim.  If the parents are divorced, they can still file a wrongful death claim.  If one spouse dies and leaves no children, then the other spouse can file.  For more information, speak privately with Attorney Joseph P. McClelland at 770-775-0938.

Are There Time Limits After a Deadly Car Accident?

Yes, and the are all different.  Most of the difference involve the party you are filing suit against.  For example, if you were bringing suit a against Atlanta, then we would have six months to take all of the correct actions, while it is one year for a county.  A normal person or business will usually have a two year time limit on fatal car accident cases in Georgia.

It is extremely important to hire an attorney who understands the differences and can keep you from making huge, costly mistakes in your wrongful death case.  How would you feel if you let the clock run out on a death claim.  That would be one of the most costly mistakes you could make.  An attorney will make sure that does not happen.

Don’t make mistakes after a loved one has been killed in a car accident in Atlanta, Georgia.