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If you or a loved one have been injured in a boating accident, you must understand your legal rights.

Boating accidents can happen in many ways. You could be hit from behind like a rear-end accident. You be hit from the side or from head-on. They could do so while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They could be driving their boat too fast for the lake. And all the ways that an automobile can violate a law and call the damages, so can a boat.

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Types of Injuries

  • broken bones
  • strained neck and back
  • sprained neck and back
  • lacerations
  • burns
  • whiplash
  • concussion
  • wrongful death

Georgia Areas of Compensation in Boating Cases

  • Lost Wages
  • medical bills
  • future medical bills
  • loss of enjoyment of life
  • loss of consortium
  • punitive damages

How Do Boat Accidents Happen?

Boats may look innocent and people use the boats for fun and recreation. But boating accidents can injure a person severely. Even boat accidents can kill a person.

Boating accidents can happen in many ways. Either the operator of the boat or the passengers of the boat is responsible for the boating accidents. Sometimes, rough weather also causes these accidents.

What Is The most common Cause of Boating Accidents?

There can be many ways of boating accidents. So, it's hard to point at a specific reason. But some common causes are there. In the USA most of the boating accidents happen due to these reasons.

Boat Operators Inefficiency -

This is one of the prime causes of boat accidents. If the boat operator is casual and inattentive, then he may cause an accident. An unskilled and inexperienced boat operator is never good.

Speed -

Sometimes speed can be a leading cause behind boating accidents. Drivers often drive their boats at a high speed. This can cause a fatal accident.

Intoxication -

Many small parties are celebrated on the boats. When the driver of the boat gets intoxicated, then driving a boat becomes risky. Many boat accidents happen just because the boat driver stays under alcohol's influence.

Overloading -

If a boat driver is greedy, then he can allow too many passengers on the boat. As a result, boat tips over and passengers get injured. Moreover, some of these passengers may not know swimming. So, they get drowned and die. For the rescue party, it becomes hard to rescue so many people at the same time.

Improper Guidance -

Many types of water sports are enjoyed these days. During these stunts, a guide must be conscious of the perils surrounding the passengers. It's his sole responsibility to keep an eye on every passing boat. But if he fails to do his duty, then a serious accident may happen.

Equipment Problem -

A boat may have an equipment problem. Its motor, lights, dashboard and other parts may not work properly. As a result, a boating accident can happen.

How Many People Die In Boat Accidents?

US Coast Guard has published a report. According to the report, within one year over 4500 boat accidents have been reported. In these accidents over 600 people have died and almost 3000 people have been injured. Moreover, over $35 million of property has been damaged.

Why Do Boats Tip Over?

Inappropriate driving, passenger overloading and rough weather conditions can cause a boat to tip over. Sometimes, passengers dance heavily on the boat. As a result, the boat loses its balance and tips over.

How many (percentage) Boat Accidents Happen Because of Alcohol Consumption?

Over 40% of boating accidents occur due to alcohol consumption. Alcohol slows down the driver's brain and he begins to drive in a trance. As a result, he fails to react and causes boating accidents.

Your Boat's Motor Caches Fire and What Should Be your Immediate Reaction?

If your boat's motor catches fire, then you should stop the engine. You should also cut the fuel supply line. If the fire is devastating then you should wear your life jacket. Then you may abandon the boat.

Which State In The USA Has The Most Boating Accidents?

Florida and California have reported a large number of boating accidents. But the state of Arizona tops the boating accidents.

Boat accidents can damage property. It can cause serious injuries and it can even destroy lives. If you have met with such an accident then you can take legal steps against it. You can get compensated for your loss. Seek advice from an accident attorney to know more about the legal procedures.

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