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Accident Settlements

 You didn't ask to be injured in an auto accident. You didn't ask to have hospital bills to pay following the wreck. However, you can ask for a car accident lawyer that will tell you the truth about the value of your claim and fight for it. For those who were injured because of an auto accident that was not your fault, all parties injured need representation. Call our accident lawyer today for a free consultation at (770) 775-0938.

Located in metro Atlanta but with the convenience of Decatur just a few miles from downtown.

Do I need a lawyer for my case?

It depends. If you were not injured, then you probably do not need the help of a car accident lawyer. 

A lot of car accident victims think that they don’t need the services of a car accident lawyer. That's a big mistake.

Many think that their insurance company will take care of everything for them like they say in the commercials.

Many do not realize that the chances of that happening is next to nothing. Insurance companies do not really care about their clients. They only pretend to do so. Insurance companies are only concerned about making profits. They try to make profits by minimizing how much they pay to claimants as you can imagine and may find out. Call us at (770) 775-0938.

So, you will only get what you deserve with legal help. We can help you force their hand to get them to pay you what you deserve and are entitled to under Georgia law.

Car Accident Attorney Atlanta

Tactics Used by Insurance Companies Insurance companies use the following tactics.

  • They act friendly many times: Insurance companies might act friendly to you, ask you different questions and then use the answers to those questions against you when you don't have a car wreck lawyer on your side.
  • They offer you quick money: Insurance companies can offer you quick money. But you’ll find out that the money that they are offering you is much less than what you deserve. If you take that quick money from them, you will lose a lot by not having an auto accident law firm working them.
  • They delay you: Insurance companies will delay you for a long period of time before attending to your claims. By that time, you’ll be happy to accept anything that they offer you where a car accident attorney would just be warming up.
  • They blame you: Insurance companies can blame you for the auto accident but a qualified accident lawyer can call their bluff where you can't. 

Insurance companies usually arm themselves with a lot of lawyers because they want to avoid paying. Most have no understanding of how these insurance companies operate. They have little understanding of legal procedures, and so they often lose a lot of money to these insurance companies. It’s hard for you to get what you deserve without a lawyer. But once you have a lawyer, you will get a better offer as they won’t even want to go head to head with you.

Call us today for a free case evaluation about your case at (770) 775-0938.

How long do I have to get a lawyer after a car accident?

Call us as your motor vehicle accident lawyer today for a free consultation at (770) 775-0938.

How much do you charge for handling my case?

You will not be charged unless and until we get a check from the insurance company. This means that you do not need to come to my office with a checkbook or credit card. We take your case on a contingency basis. We only get paid for our services when the insurance writes a check.

What if you lose your case? Will there be attorney's fees then? No. We will not charge you attorney's fees if you do not get a recovery because we don't think you should be charged money if you don't recover funds. This is extremely rare, by the way. In almost all auto accident cases where liability is determined, you get to recover your damages.

We will settle your case or litigate your case at trial against the at fault or negligent party. Litigation is more and more rare but necessary. Our law firm will get you the settlement you are entitled to under the law.

Call us today for a free personal injury case evaluation at (770) 775-0938.

How much money do I get for pain and suffering from my case?

The amount of money that you get in an accident depends on how your accident occurred and the injuries that you suffered from your accident. You can recover under the law for the following:

  • Cost incurred from missing work or lost work opportunities following an automobile accident.
  • Medical bills that were a direct result of the collision following car accidents.
  • Price of medication that was prescribed following an automobile accident.
  • Price of repairing your car, truck or motorcycle following auto accidents.
  • Death damages if any of your loved ones died in the accident following a motor vehicle accident.
  • Punitive damages in certain circumstances following automobile accidents.

You can also get additional money for emotional damage from the crash or if you get a disabled from the accident. Ask your motor vehicle accident attorney about this. (770) 775-0938

Atlanta Lawyer Question: What If I Have No Injury?

If you haven't suffered any injury, then you will not have a case for personal injury. You may still have a claim for the damage to your vehicle.  These types of claims are separate.

In order to get pain and suffering damages whether physical or emotional, you will need to have been injured because the law requires it. From basic soreness to more significant injuries, damages are a requirement for this type of recover. Your injuries are what controls. 
(770) 775-0938

So, if you don't have any physical injuries, then you may just be wasting your time. If you didn't go to the doctor or hospital and have no injuries, then reaching out to an injury attorney may waste everyone's time.

What makes a my case a valid case? 

A lot of car accident victims second-guess themselves and think that they do not deserve a claim from their insurance company. They tell themselves that the accident that occurred was a mere collision that was nobody’s fault or it was just the road conditions. But legally, it is very likely that the accident was caused by somebody. Someone could have driven more carefully or paid more attention to traffic laws to prevent the accident from occurring. Someone was negligent and must pay the price for being negligent be it your hospital bills.Almost all accidents can lead to valid claims. These types of accidents include:

Drunk driving accidents, texting accidents, rear-end accidents, head-on collisions, whiplash accidents, T-bone wrecks, accidents caused by distractions, negligence, following too closely, and not seeing what there is to be seen.

If you've been hit by a hit and run driver, we can still help. We can see about finding additional insurance policies that may provide coverage after your crash. 

Call us today for a free case evaluation at (770) 775-0938. See if you have a case and see if it's a great one.

  • broken bone
  • fractures
  • whiplash
  • soreness
  • brain injury
  • spinal cord injury
  • back injury
  • neck injury
  • shoulder injury
  • knee injury

Should I Get a Lawyer If It Wasn't My Fault?

when to get an attorney?

Atlanta Car Accident Claim: Statute of Limitations - How Long To File Your Claim? 

Georgia state laws have statute of limitations for car accidents and missing it will cost you your claim. If your claim is filed after the statute of limitations has expired, your case is over regardless of the seriousness of the injuries you sustained here in Atlanta or in any Georgia city.

Generally, you have 2 years to file a law suit or to have fully settled your case, but you may just have a few months for your lawyer to file depending on who hit you. For example, counties, cities and states have different time limits for your lawyer to file. To avoid any statute of limitations issues, you need to call us as your car accident attorney ASAP if your accident was serious. Often, the best ideas is to reach out immediately after any car crash. Call us at (770) 775-0938.

Do We Always Have to Go to Court?

No. We don't always go to court. Almost all our car accident cases are resolved without going to court against the defendant for negligence at all. For cases where the insurance company does not want to negotiate, you can decide if you want to file an auto accident lawsuit against the defendant in local courts or not. We will tell you about the chances of you succeeding, and we have lawyers that will help you handle your case all through the way.

As the client, we listen about how far to take the case and when to settle.

We’ll first carry out investigations and find out the cause of the crash and determine the extent of your injuries.

We’ll help you build and collect all evidence needed such as the police report, statement by witnesses and medical opinions of experts in order to prove liability and damages under Georgia law. Then we carry our case to the insurance company to start negotiating a settlement to your injury claim.

You can contact us online by using one of the contact forms on this page about your car crash.

We have experience handling car accidents in Atlanta. Other practice areas include serious car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death accidents, bus accidents, and pedestrian accidents. Call us at (770) 775-0938.

Call us today for a free case consultation at (404) 381-8584.

  • ​following too closely
  • distracted driver
  • driving while texting
  • running a stop sign
  • drunk driver
  • changing lanes without looking
  • defective brakes
  • driving too fast for the conditions
  • negligence

What to Do When I Get Hurt in a Wreck?

  1. Seek medical attention
  2. Notify your insurance company
  3. Speak with a personal injury attorney

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