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Entrepreneurs & Identity Theft

Being an entrepreneur is not like being a normal employee. Not only do you occasionally get to work in your shorts, you also have many responsibilities that most don’t have at their normal nine-to-five job. For example, you would be shocked if you work for a company and they wanted you to guarantee a corporate loan […]

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What Is a Credit Report?

What is a Credit Report?By Attorney Joseph P. McClelland, Esq.In this report, it is a combination of numerous businesses information on you. It includes your social security number include your date of birth and includes the places that you’ve lived in the last several years and includes the job that you’ve had.Most importantly it includes […]

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Is the Credit Reporting System Broken?

Your Credit Report Could be Filled With Costly ErrorsEveryone understands how important an accurate credit report is. Even though we know this, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act or FCRA was founded to ensure accuracy, there are still an unfortunate amount of errors in the credit reporting system. The system may very well be broken.This […]

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Emotional Distress & Credit Reporting Damages

Here is a brief overview of obtaining emotional distress damages in Georgia and the 11th Circuit more broadly. If you have a question about credit reporting errors, identity theft, or mixed files, contact my office.Basics of the Fair Credit Reporting Act:The credit reporting agencies are required to keep accurate credit files. 15 U.S.C. ยง 1681i(a)When a consumer disputes […]

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Denied Employment Because of Identity Theft

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Were you denied employment because of something on your credit report that’s not true? Victims of identity theft have rights. You may have legal rights and be entitled to compensation. Reach out to us for a free 30-minute consultation. Not getting a job because of identity theft is wrong.  The credit bureaus are required to maintain accurate credit reports. Also, […]

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