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Medical Identity Theft 2020: How to Stop and Correct It

Joseph McClelland is an attorney for cases of identity fraud on credit

Medical Identity Theft 2020: How to Stop and Correct ItAs an attorney for victims of identity theft, one common issue seen is medical identity identity theft. Instead of someone opening a fraud account, they are creating medical bills using your identity.Consumer Protection Attorney and Advocate, Joseph McClelland, Esq.What is medical identity theft? Medical identity theft is […]

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Emotional Distress & Credit Reporting Damages

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Emotional Distress & Credit Reporting DamagesHere is a brief overview of obtaining emotional distress damages in Georgia and the 11th Circuit more broadly. If you have a question about credit reporting errors, identity theft, or mixed files, contact my office. Thanks for being a loyal reader of our blog.Basics of the Fair Credit Reporting Act:The credit reporting agencies are […]

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Fraud Alerts and Credit Freezes

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5 Things to Know about Credit Freezes and Fraud Alerts What do fraud alerts and credit freezes do?   In this article by Joseph McClelland, an identity theft attorney for victims, you will learn the ins and outs of the fraud alerts and credit freezes and how they can play a part in recovering from and preventing identity […]

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What Is a Credit Report?

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What is a Credit Report? By Attorney Joseph P. McClelland, Esq. In this report, it is a combination of numerous businesses information on you. It includes your social security number include your date of birth and includes the places that you’ve lived in the last several years and includes the job that you’ve had. Most […]

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