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Settlement or Trial of an Injury Claim

One reason that you might have to file a car accident lawsuit in Georgia is because of the failure to come to an agreeable settlement. The insurance company thinks they know the value of the case to them. It is based upon their experience handling similar claims and how similar claims have been handled in the jurisdiction in which the case would be tried if it had to go to court. On the other hand your Georgia personal injury lawyer has their own view on the value of your case, as do you. It is the job of the attorney […]

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Policy Limit Settlements in Personal Injury Accidents

Today’s article is about policy limits and settling a personal injury case for the policy limit.  The take away from this article is twofold.  The first part is about the limitations with regards to certain settlements.  This is important because even if you have a significant injury, there might not be enough insurance proceeds to properly compensate you for your damages.
The second part that we will discuss is about the sad times when the insurance policy cannot provide complete compensation for the amount of injuries that occurred because of the driver’s negligence.  So now let’s turn into a case that […]

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