Equifax Refuses to Fix Identity Theft?

What should you do if Equifax won't fix identity theft on your credit report?

This article we're going to discuss what you may want to do after receiving notice from Equifax that they have refused to fix the identity theft accounts on your credit report after your Equifax dispute.

I'm sure that when you got the notification of what they were doing, this quite upset you. I think that your distress it's completely understandable because having a bad credit can really affect your life.

To make matters worse, when you have bad credit that is not your fault, it only amplifies the pain and humiliation that follows.

After you have received the verification or the letter from Equifax that they have not removed the account, you should first consider whether or not you provided them with enough documents.

If you are positive that the accounts are from Identity Theft and not a situation where you are being combined or mixed up with someone else, then mail it with the next dispute to Equifax and any of the other credit reporting agencies that are in accurately reporting.

I normally recommend against disputing Equifax accounts online because you do not get full proof of what you provided them. If you have already provided a police report or an identity theft affidavit to Equifax, and it was not corrected, I would highly consider taking legal action.

In circumstances like these, consumers like yourself are entitled to substantial compensation if the inaccurate credit reporting cause them damages and distress. If this is your situation please do not hesitate to contact my office to see what your rights are.

I can have a 30-minute consultation with you free of charge to see how we can help and if we are a good fit. If we determined that we want to move forward, we only charge clients when we when them compensation.

the power is in your hands if you want it

In summary, if you have disputed to Equifax and they refused to remove identity theft accounts, I would first consider whether you sent them a police report or an identity theft affidavit. If you have already made this determination, I would consider sending them nothing else.

If they refuse to fix the accounts after receiving your dispute and a copy of a police report or identity theft affidavit, I doubt that your problem will be corrected without an identity theft attorney. In circumstances like these consumers can be entitled to substantial compensation if they were damaged and caused distress by the inaccurate credit reporting of these bogus and fraudulent identity theft accounts. 

After any dispute with Equifax or any of the other credit reporting agencies, you should always receive a verification back that a investigation was complete and the results of that investigation. If you do not receive one back that means that no investigation was likely done.

This is the exact reason why you want to always send your dispute Letters by certified mail return receipt so you have the little green slip to show that you did in fact dispute the inaccurate information. I know this sounds small and trivial, but having this will not only make you feel better it will solidify any claim you have in the future.

Identity theft accounts often will calls collection attempts to be made at you. Many times collectors will use robocalls to harass you on your home phone and cell phone.

Many of these calls will be illegal and quite valuable to you. For example, under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act a collector that calls you using a robodialer may owe you $500 to $1,500 for each call. 

If you are getting calls from a collector on an account that is not yours, make sure to save all voicemails and phone records that you have. These could be amazing proof that they were using a robodialer or calling you and making you listen to any type of pre-recorded messages.

Having inaccurate information on your credit report will destroy your credit scores. Not only will it destroy your credit scores but it will also cause you to have too many accounts on your credit report which may cause lenders to not want to lend you money and decline a loan for you.

Even if you were to get the loan, many times the interest rates you are given are extremely high and will cause you years of extra payments that were not necessary. Furthermore, in identity theft situations, many times the thieves will cause criminal violations and provide your information which will cause you tremendous legal headaches.

If you are a victim of identity theft, you must take immediate action or thing will continue to get worse.

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