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5 Questions to Ask CSO Financial

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CSO Financial is a collection company attempts to collect money from people. Here are 5 questions you must ask yourself if you are in communication with, getting letters from or getting collection calls from CSO Financial.

Question #1:

Is CSO Financial Inaccurately Credit Reporting on My Credit Report?

They are not allowed to information on your credit report that is wrong. You are entitled to damages if you disputed this information to the credit agencies. 

Under the law if this company is putting something on your credit report that's not true, then you are entitled to money damages, and you will have a right to force them to remove the errors.

If you want additional resources to show you exactly how to dispute inaccurate account information on your credit report, here is a detailed article we wrote on disputing an error on your Equifax credit report.

In this article, it also has information on disputing errors with Experian and Transunion.

If you have already disputed info on your credit report, yet it still remains, please contact our office today so that we can help you resolve your credit reporting issues against CSO Financial.

Question #2:

Is CSO Financial Calling a Wrong Number Looking for a Person That's Not You?

These calls may be worth $500 to $1,500 per call, if this happened to you within the last 4 years. These are highly illegal. The phone calls are very common. 

Sometimes the error half because of the previous owner of the phone owed money before they switched phone numbers. These phone calls are still break the law.

Sometimes the error happens at the business start accidentally calling you instead of one of their other customers. This doesn’t change the fact that the calls were made to the wrong person.

Regardless of how it's happening, if you're getting phone calls that are intended or meant for someone else but they're calling you instead, then you have a very viable case against CSO Financial.

Please consider contacting our office by calling or completing a form on this site. An attorney will reach out to you for a free consultation about your claim or lawsuit.

Question #3:

Is CSO Financial Harassing You with Calls?

Even if you owe money, they can’t harass you with phone calls. Do they have the right to call on occasions? Yes, but if it feels like harassment, it probably is.

You should consider taking notes how often they are calling you for a future legal complaint against them.

You should take note if they have ever immediately called you back after you hang up with him.

You should take notes if they've ever called you back to back repeatedly trying to get you to answer the phone.

If you've ever asked them to stop calling you. please note that if you have asked them to stop calling your cell phone to call your cell phone, you likely have a claim against the company for violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

If you are getting harassing phone calls from this collection agency, reach out to our Law Firm for a free consultation about a lawsuit or settlement with CRO Financial.

Question #4

Is CSO Financial Trying to Collect a Debt that's Too Old?
Each state has a different time. For how long is too old to attempt to old.

We have written a series of articles on each State's statute of limitations for the collection of death which you can find here. It is important to understand if this company is legally attempting to collect the debt you owe within a proper timeline that they've been given.

For example, in the state of Georgia, most contracts have a statute of limitations of 6 years.

That means, if you have a credit card bill, the credit card company or the collection agency can no longer attempt to get this money from you after this. So in Georgia, after 6 years this collection company can no longer attempt to collect this money.

Other types of accounts may only have four years for them to file a lawsuit against you to collect this debt.

Question #5:

Is CSO Financial Trying to Collection Money Not Owed or Already Paid?
Are you getting collection calls, collection letters, or wrong info on your credit report that you have not paid a bill when you have already paid it. this happened on many occasions.

Many times the original creditor or the business gets paid but they fail notify the collection agency that you have already paid everything entirely.

Because of this lack of communication, the collection company continues to call you or send you letters or report to the credit reporting agencies that you are not paying or having unpaid balance.

The phone number for CSO may be:

  • 1-800-888-6597
  • 1-541-673-6661
  • 1-541-687-7542
  • 1-541-476-8877
  • 1-541-756-5101
  • 1-541-259-3141

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