Best Reasons to Hire Decatur Attorneys: Divorce & Personal Injury

Decatur, Georgia

As a Georgia injury lawyer and Family Law attorney, I know understand you have many questions and need answering.  You may have questions about how long it takes to get a divorce in Decatur or who pays your medical bills after an accident.  Regardless of the question, Joseph P. McClelland can give you proper legal advice.

Decatur, GeorgiaDecatur, Dekalb County Legal Representation For Personal Injury

First, will the insurance company pay my medical bills from the motor vehicle or premises liability injury?  The general answer is yes, if they find their driver was at-fault and medical bills are reasonably related to the collision.

Second, will my credit be hurt?  Maybe.  The insurance company will only write one check at the end when all is over.  In the end, all will be paid, but until then, expect calls.  Always discuss this option with your Decatur personal injury lawyer.

Third, you are wondering if your vehicle will be fixed?  Yes, but I must give you the same answer as above.  They treat car damage as a different type of claim and will get you a check fast for this.  Discuss with your Decatur accident attorney questions about the diminished value of your vehicle.  Calling a Georgia personal injury lawyer is a smart decision to make.

Fourth, what your case is worth?  That is a case by case discussion that I would love to have with you.  It depends on the extent of your treatment, the severity of the pain and suffering, the time it took to heal, will there be future medical costs, future disabilities, costs of current medical bills, and more.  Call your Decatur accident lawyer to discuss your case.

If the other driver was charged with driving under the influence or DUI follow that link to learn how a DUI will change the dynamics of an injury claim.

I know as a Decatur personal injury lawyer that accidents happen almost everyday in Decatur, Georgia.  If you have been injured on I-20, Ponce, Covington Highway, just to name a few, call for help today.  The insurance company already has a file on you.  They have already determined a plan to deal with you.  They will make you feel like the accident was partially your fault.  Then, they will try to get to think the doctors did too much or was just darn expensive so the insurance won’t pay that bill.  They will try to convince you that your are better off without an injury attorney.  So on and so on.  They have paid big bucks on plans and studies on how to get you to fold.  They know how you will act.  Let an experienced Decatur personal injury attorney represent you and fight for all the money you deserve.

One question that often comes up is about intoxicated drivers.  So, how does being hit by a drunk driver change your case?  It helps it tremendously easier to settle.  When a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs the insurance company may be liable for additional damages called punitive damages.  Because of this, the insurance company will be more likely to make a reasonable offer, eventually, out of fear of a large punitive damage award in Dekalb County.

As a Decatur wrongful death lawyer, I understand it may be difficult to decide to seek legal counsel.  Not only did you lose someone in your life, you also lost the financial benefits they would have earned throughout their life.  Many people get hurt and just go away and suffer for years for that mistake.  Others think it is wrong to sue someone or even ask the insurance company for money for their bills and for proper compensation for all of the pain they have suffered, drugs they have had to take, they the way the injury effected their job, how that made them feel as a person who likes what they do and the level at which they do it.

Why not do yourself a favor and talk to a qualified Decatur personal injury lawyer or Decatur accident attorney about your particular case.  I am never surprised about many people just enough about the law to be dangerous to themselves.   One phone call and you will start to feel better about how your motor vehicle accident case is proceeding.

Decatur Divorce Legal Representation

One of the areas of law I practice is divorce.  If you need to begin the process of a divorce or seperation, then contact my office.  Many time you already know and the understand the terms of the divorce. If this is the situation, you can likely have my office prepare an uncontested divorce for you and your spouse.  Uncontested divorces in Decatur can be done even if you have children from the marriage.  The key is that you are agreeing to the division of the marital assets and child custody agreements.

If this is case, then you would do well by choosing this option.   Utilizing this method with not require court appearances, so it easy less expensive than a contested divorce in Decatur.  A contested divorce, by contrast, means that you are in disagreement about at least one issue of the divorce.

Many times you may be unsure whether you will have an uncontested Decatur divorce or contested.  Either way, it will be filed in Dekalb County Superior Court.  The question is whether you will be there or not.  My office recommends that parties attempt to resolve the issues before “lawyering up”.  A more reasonable option would be to narrow down the issues to see what you are in disagreement about.  You may find that you can resolve it yourselves.  Even if you can’t, the number of issues to be negotiated by counsel will reduces, thereby saving you time, stress and money.

Decatur Uncontested Divorce

We can take the stress out of a Decatur divorce.  I have experience negotiating family law cases and litigating them, but that is if you need that type of legal service.  I can better represent clients, at times, by not litigating their cases in divorce court.  Rather, I work to  put together an agreement that both spouses can agree to.  By taking this approach, all parties save money and time.  In some cases, this is just not possible.  Ask Mr. McClelland about the possibility of this type of procedure in Dekalb County.