We Correct Being Mistakenly Reported as Deceased

The credit bureaus are 100% to blame for their own reporting.

We make them stop holding you back by reporting you as deceased and pay you damages for credit denials, higher rates, and emotional distress.

3 Things to Know About Being Reported as Deceased

1. Wasting countless hours doing exactly what the credit agencies tell you to do may not fix the problem.

2. Plus, if you do it yourself, you may be stuck with lower credit scores, credit limits, and a damaged credit history.

3. We have a free-to-you service that corrects your credit report and get you compensated for being mistakenly reported as deceased.

1. It is difficult to get the credit agencies to fix these errors with calls and letters.

2. Even if you fix alone, you will have lower credit scores and closed accounts before it comes right back again.

3. We have a free-to-you service that corrects your credit and get you compensated for the damages to get your life back and better.

This is how we fix it

Here are the steps


We confirm that you are being credit reported as deceased.


We properly notify the credit agencies for you.


We negotiate a settlement for marking you dead on your credit report.

“No Fee Guarantee”

If you have been mistakenly reported dead, there are no fees unless we get you a recovery first. Period. 

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Equifax mistakenly reported dead?

Is Equifax Hurting You by Reporting You as Deceased?

deceased on credit video image

Why does Equifax say I'm dead? Why does my Equifax report say I'm deceased?

Equifax, as a credit agency, has a history of credit problems like reporting deceased indicators on people that are alive and hurting their credit score keeping them from living their lives.

The law requires Equifax to report accurately or pay any damages they cause. Wrongly saying you're dead is not following the law. As your attorney, we will sue Equifax and the other credit reporting agencies for putting false information on your credit report.

transunion says you're dead

Is TransUnion Holding You Back by Reporting You as Deceased ?

Has TransUnion marked you as dead? Did you get denied credit or is it stopping you from applying for credit?

TransUnion likely violated your rights if you were mistakenly reported deceased. Let us handle all of the confusion with the disputes, the documents, the mail, and the follow up.

We will make TransUnion stop hurting your credit score and holding you back by mistakenly reporting as deceased on your credit report.

experian reporting you as Dead

Stuck Being Reported Dead on Your Experian Credit Report?

For decades, Experian has wrongly published incorrect information about who is and is not alive.  The results are devastating to each person.

Don't get pushed around by Experian. If Experian has mistakenly reported as deceased indicators on your credit report, we can handle it. We force them to remove incorrect information on your Experian file using the FCRA.  

Don't allow Experian get away with putting deceased on your credit report. Let our experience push Experian to do right by you for once.

SSN says you are dead on credit report

Social Security Number Reporting Deceased?

Is your social security number matching up with the information or data of a person that is not alive? This will cause you to be denied credit cards, housing, and employment.

Being wrongly declared dead by Social Security Administration and put on their Death Master File without a death certificate happens between 6,000 and 14,000 yearly. 

When this happens, the deceased indicator is applied to your entire credit file. Although we can't the Social Security Administration for credit errors, we can sue the credit bureaus for reporting false information from them.

At the same time we are fighting with the credit bureaus, we can help you with the Social Security office to correct their information and take your name off of their death master list.

SSN says you are dead on credit report

Is Your Credit Card Company Saying You Passed Away?

Many times we find that credit card companies are the ones that originally gave bad information to the credit agencies (who did not investigate it).

It is common to hear that a "credit card company says I'm deceased" with big cards issuers like American Express, Capital One, and Synchrony Bank. 

Many times a joint account holder or authorized user of a credit card or credit cards dies, and it's mistakenly reported on all the credit reports by the creditor or business. This sets off the dominos that will your destroy credit history.

“No Fee Guarantee”

There are no fees unless we get a recovery on your behalf. 


Where Did This Start?

I often hear people ask, why does my social security number say I'm deceased, a credit card company says I'm dead, or when I apply for a loan, my information doesn't match or isn't available to pull my entire credit reports from all three credit bureaus. 

For decades the three major bureaus (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion) have mixed up consumers. If you have a deceased indicator on your credit report, it's possible you've been mixed with a person by the credit bureaus. This is why they mistakenly reported you as not alive on your credit reports or credit file.

Regardless of why you were declared dead, we can get it resolved and get you compensated. We take care of the disputes, the letters, the driver's license, ID card, utility bill or other items. We will make them write us a check to cover our fees and your damages for creating this financial error.

About the attorney


I'm  Joseph P. McClelland

I believe consumers deserve an equal footing with the law against large corporations. 

Recently quoted by Martha Stewart, Best Company, Newsday, and Investopedia. Author of the book, Identity Theft: The Steps Before Litigation.

image Joseph McClelland explaining how the credit agencies mistakenly reported as deceased


How much does it cost to hire you?

We will not charge you any fees if you have been mistakenly reported as deceased unless we win your case and get you a recovery.

How long does it take to get my reports corrected?

We have clients that were completely corrected within the first month. Other clients have taken several months. Every case is different.

Do you represent clients nationally?

Yes, we partner with several law firms to provide nationwide representation.

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