Decatur Credit Repair Lawyer corrects errors on your credit.

Our law firm helps Decatur consumers correct actual errors and mistakes on their credit reports by using the law. We sue them and get paid out of the settlement.

7 Ways Decatur Credit Repair Attorneys Handle Errors 

First, it is important to stress that we can only help you if the issue you have on your report is actually wrong. It must be incorrect before we can help. This is one of the things that is different between a credit lawyer and a credit repair company.


Reporting the Wrong Balance/Already Paid

If Equifax or one of the other other bureaus is saying you owe money on an account you've already paid off, representing as your Decatur credit attorney, we make them correct this and pay you for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).


Reporting Missed Payments

Are there payments that you have proof of making but the reporting shows you didn't pay it? We find the proof of your payment history to force them to fix the errors and foot the fill. If you are in or near Decatur, then we are the right first choice for you. Since we aren't going to charge you for a consultation, contact us first.


Identity Theft on Credit 

Do you need an identity theft lawyer for fraudulent information on your report like fake accounts and unknown hard inquiries? Get a lawyer that represents clients near Decatur to get your report back to normal. Guess what? We do that!


Does not Belong to Me -- Mixed/Merged with Another Person

Does it seem like your report has another's information and accounts on it? This is HUGE. I would never go to a "credit repair company" or a "credit repair lawyer" that doesn't litigate cases. Why throw away good money that you are entitled to? We pull back the curtains.


Report Says Your Dead

Have you been denied credit because of false credit reporting? Are they saying you are dead? This is a "deadly" serious issue that happens to thousands of people every year. This cases are one of our favorites to assist on. You will not be disappointed with what we can do with these cases. 


Bankruptcy Reporting Issues

If you need to repair your credit based on bankruptcy issues, then reach out. Your account should not show a balance due if you filed. Also, it should not show any missed payments in the past. If you have a question about this, please reach out.


Older Than 7 Years

Most accounts must be removed after 7 years. Unfortunately, bankruptcy will remain there for ten years. If they are on there after this, you should dispute first. Then, if not fixed. Take action and sue them for false credit reporting. We are here to help you if you have any questions about this.

Our “No Fee Guarantee”

We will never charge you any money with these types of cases unless we get you a recovery first. Period. That's our "No Fee Guarantee". We do this because the Fair Credit Reporting Act pays damages and your attorneys' fees if you win. That's why you don't pay unless we win.

I would recommend my friends or family members if they had the same problem.

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Decatur Credit Attorney Benefits

We are not a credit repair service that just disputes anything that's bad on your credit. We are a credit law firm which means we only dispute items on your credit that we can prove are not true.

Credit Error Corrected

We make them fix the issue by using the credit report laws. This is one of our main concerns to make sure we have done our job: making sure you have correct information on your credit report.

Pay You Damages

They are required to pay you damages under the law if you are successful. This includes any actual damages and any emotional stress you suffered.

Pay Your Attorneys' Fees

They also have to pay you attorneys' fees. That's what we do. That is how we get paid from them so you don't have to worry.

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About the attorney


I'm  Joseph P. McClelland

As a Georgia and New York licensed attorney, I bring 20 years of experience to your side. 

I was recently quoted by Martha Stewart, Best Company, Newsday, Yahoo, and Investopedia, to name a few. I am also the author of a new book on identity theft and credit.

If you have a question about a consumer issue, reach out. If I can't help you, I'm sure I will know someone who can.


How much do you cost?

We don't charge you unless we recover a settlement for you.

what is the law on credit reports?

The law requires the credit agencies to report accurate and complete information on your credit. If they don't, you have  a right to demand they fix it. If they don't, you have legal rights to sue them for damages and attorneys fees. 

We help you do this.

As an Atlanta credit repair attorney, we only dispute inaccurate information. We think credit repair should only be legitimate and legal. This is the basis of our credit repair services: we only dispute wrong information and not information just because it's negative.

When you credit score has taken a hit because of a credit error that's not your fault, we are you choice. We are not a credit repair company. We don't do credit counseling over bad credit. We are a credit reporting law firm. We can represent you right here in Atlanta, Ga. 

Many credit repair services or credit repair companies will dispute anything at all just to raise your credit score. We will only dispute information we know to be incorrect rather than anything to raise your credit scores.

Our credit repair services are intended to remove actual errors. In addition to this, our actions may increase your credit score if the errors were derogatory. We think it's best to get your free report from each credit bureau directly. You get multiple free reports each year. You can get your free credit by mail or your free credit reports online.

If you see a credit card or credit cards you don't recognize, you should notify us immediately. We help residents of Atlanta, Georgia handle credit issues.

Credit Repair Atlanta Fees
Credit Repair Atlanta Legally
Credit Repair Atlanta For Credit Errors

As you know, negative items on your report will lead to low credit. By removing those negative items, you should see results in your scores and improve your credit. If you need to repair credit because of an actual error, contact us for a free credit repair consultation.

Poor credit because of mistakes in the information being reported by the credit reporting agencies. The Federal Trade Commission or FTC is not part of the dispute process nor do they get a dispute letter to correct issues in your credit file. We don't have a money back guarantee because we don't charge out of pocket expenses.

does the reporting have to be inaccurate?

Yes. There has to be something wrong on your report.

Businesses like collection agencies, credit card companies, auto loans, utilities, and mortgages must all report correctly - even if they are reporting negative information. It must be accurate. 

This also applies to Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union.

how long does it take?

Each case is different. Some cases take a month or so, but other cases take closer to one year.

We can help you across Georgia including Albany, Alpharetta, Americus, Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Bainbridge, Brunswick, Buford, Carrollton, Cartersville, College Park, Columbus, Cordele, Covington, Dalton, Decatur, Douglas , Douglasville, Dublin, Duluth, East Point, Forest Park, Gainesville, Griffin, Hinesville, Kennesaw, Kingsland, La Grange, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Macon, Marietta, Milledgeville, Monroe, Moultrie, Newnan, Peachtree City, Powder Springs, Rome, Roswell, Saint Marys, Savannah, Smyrna, Snellville, Statesboro, Thomasville, Tifton, Union City, Valdosta, Vidalia, Warner Robins and Waycross.



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