Case Study on Motorcycle Accidents

Case Study for Motorcycle Accidents in Georgia

Here is a case study you need to see about what a motorcycle accident attorney can do for you after a wreck.  

What Were the Facts?

You do not have to go to their office to pick up your file. However, if you have original documents that can't be mailed, then you may want to have them picked up. You can ask your new firm to do this in many situations. 

He was driving down a local road that goes under the interstate. As he was driving, a car made a left turn and cut across his lane.

The driver didn't see him. Because of this, my client was struck on his motorcycle.

How Long Did It Take?

It took about 8 months for the entire settlement. However, some of the checks came in several months before then.

Did You Find More Insurance?

Yes. I think the insurance company tried to hide a policy but it didn't matter because we found it.

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