Case Study on Motorcycle Accidents

Case Study for Motorcycle Accidents in Georgia

Here is a case study you need to see about what a motorcycle accident attorney can do for you after a wreck.  Please remember that each case and client is different. No injury impacts the same person the same way. We are all different as are our cases.

What Were the Facts?

You do not have to go to their office to pick up your file. However, if you have original documents that can't be mailed, then you may want to have them picked up. You can ask your new firm to do this in many situations. 

He was driving down a local road that goes under the interstate. As he was driving, a car made a left turn and cut across his lane.

The driver didn't see him. Because of this, my client was struck on his motorcycle.

How Long Did It Take?

It took about 8 months for the entire settlement. However, some of the checks came in several months before then. Each case is always different. I always find that you want to push a case hard and be patient for the best results. It's easier said than done, but if you want the best result you wait.

Did You Find More Insurance?

Yes. I think the insurance company tried to hide a policy but it didn't matter because we found it. You may need to use your uninsured motorist coverage if they don't have enough or if they took after after the accident.

Contact our office to see if we are a good fit. If we are, we will have you sign or e-sign documents for us to get your file and start the representation. Given that each case has a deadline, you want to act sooner than later.

Understand the Basics of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are types of injuries that occur while operating a moving motorcycle. These types of injuries can be severe as a result of the lack of protection from the motor device. These types of injuries must be taken very seriously as a reuse of their severe nature. When an rider gets into a motorcycle collision, it is more often than not at an intersection.

Statistics have shown that half of motorcycle-vehicle accidents happen at intersections. This is important to note as it shows a common reaction between motorcycle accidents and normal vehicles.

These collisions take place at intersections which are busy crossings between more than one street or highway. Collisions should be taken seriously as they propose fatal and life-threatening injuries.

Many people have assessed whether or not motorcycles are worth the risk. The general answer is no. Motorcycles present alarming statistics regarding fatalities and injuries. For this reason riding a motorcycle is dangerous.

It is up to each individual to decide whether or not they are comfortable riding one. Understanding the basics of how motorcycles crashes happen and how to prevent them it key.

There are many things a rider can to prevent motorcycle crashes and prevent injury. Some of the most common tips for staying safe on a motorcycle include proper signaling, only driving while sober, wearing a helmet and always following the rules of the road. Often times other vehicles do not see the motorcycle as they take up less space in the car's rear view and side view mirrors.

How to Stay Safe & Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Some of the best ways to ensure drivers see motorcycles is to slow down and observe their surroundings. By slowing down and observing surroundings drivers can watch carefully to see who is in front of them, behind them and to their sides.

This also includes pedestrians. Pedestrians and cyclists are the two most vulnerable types of people on the road.

This is a result of their lack of protection from other vehicle traveling on the road. Drivers must be extra cautious of this while they are driving to their destination.

Another main tip is for cyclists to always follow traffic lights and traffic rules. Some individuals think that motorcycles do not need to follow the same rules as cars but this is false. Motorcycles must follow the same rules as the rest of the car on the road.

This prevents injury as it allows the rider to pay attention to traffic lights that indicate the flow of traffic. There are many reasons to implement safety procedures is one chooses to ride a motorcycle.

These procedures prevent injury and fatality. For this reason safety laws such as helmets must be worn at all times while operating a motorcycle. It is against the law to ride or operate a motorcycle without a helmet.

The reason for this law is to prevent rider injury and ensure their safety and security. There are many laws put in place specifically for motorcycles.

Ensuring that cyclists understand all the laws before riding is very important and helps to keep them safe on the road.

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