Can you change motorcycle accident attorneys after you start?

Is It Time to Change Accident Attorneys?

You have a right to the Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney of your choice. If you want to change lawyers, you absolutely can.  Here is how you do it.

Steps to Change Lawyers in a Motorcycle Accident Case

1. Make sure you have already contacted another attorney.

2. Sign up with your new accident attorney.

3. The attorney will have you sign a request to transfer your file to the new law firm.

4. That's all you have to do.

Do You Have To Go To Their Office?

You do not have to go to their office to pick up your file. However, if you have original documents that can't be mailed, then you may want to have them picked up. You can ask your new firm to do this in many situations.

How Do You Get Your Files Back from Your Previous Lawyer?

We have you sign a release for us to get them from your old lawyer. We just contact them and tell them that we are your new attorneys. We ask them to close their file and to send it to our office. We take over from there.

Do I Have to Pay My Old Lawyer Out of Pocket?

No. I have never seen a case where you had to pay out of pocket.

What Do I Need To Do Right Now?

Contact our office to see if we are a good fit. If we are, we will have you sign or e-sign documents for us to get your file and start the representation.

Call our office to get started now.

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​Joseph McClelland, Esq.