Motorcycle Accidents Statistics

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The number of accidents is higher than it should be. People are just not accustomed to looking for motorcyclists. It is unfortunately, but it is the truth. As a result, there are too many accidents.

What is the most common cause of motorcycle accidents?

What are the chances of dying in a motorcycle accident?

The chances are much higher than if you were in a car. You have no seat belt. You have not bumpers. You have no steel chassis to protect you. On a bike, you are vulnerable.

What percentage of motorcycle riders die?

I am not sure this number is available or has been studied.

Are motorcycles really dangerous?

The chances are much higher than if you were in a car. You have no seat belt. You have not bumpers. You have no steel chassis to protect you. On a bike, you are vulnerable.

How many motorcyclists are killed each year?

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Are there more motorcycle accidents than cars?

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Understanding Motorcycle Accidents Statistics

Motorcycle accidents have the highest rates for fatality along with pedestrian crashes. This is very important to note as it helps riders and drivers understand how to stay safe on the road. The country with the most motorcycle deaths include Thailand, China and the Dominican Republic.

These counties have the highest rates of motorcycle accidents. The reason for this is due to their high rates of registered motorcycles on the road. These countries use motorcycles as the primary method for travel, especially in populated urban areas. This is very important to understand as it directly correlates to the number of accidents and their severity.

There are other informative statistics regarding motorcycle crashes. Statistics have show that only 50% of motorcycle drivers wear helmets. This is alarming as it shows that nearly half do not opt to wear their helmet while operating the motorcycle. This is dangerous as it contributes to injury and fatality.

There are state and federal laws that require motorcyclists to wear a helmet at all times while they are operating the motorcycle. There are other statistics that also inform drivers on how to best watch out for cyclists. Motorcyclists must ensure they are following the rules of the road at all time to avoid potentially fatal crashes.

For example, important actions such as signaling before turning, looking both ways, checking in front of you, behind you and on both of your sides. These strategies and technique are very important to ensuring the safety of the rider and everyone else on the road.

Analyzing Motorcycle Statistics

Motorcyclists that are older are more likely to be involve in a crash. This is an important statistic to pay attention to as it shows that motorcycles can be physically demeaning to control properly. Some of the most common injuries associated with motorcycle crashes include head injuries, neck injuries, disfigurement, bone damage and facial fractures.

These are some of the most sever injuries involved with motorcycle crashes. Following the rules of the road and traffic flow can help to prevent certain types of crashes. There are many other injuries associated with motorcycle crashes.

Therefore, it is important that motorist wear their helmets at all times while they are operating the motorcycle. By wearing a helmet at all times, the risk for head injury is reduced.

If motorcyclists do not wear their helmet, their risk for fatality significantly increases in the event of a crash.

Crashes and accidents often result in sever injuries or even fatality. For this reason it is important that these factors are taken into consideration before riding. Another informative strategy is to follow all of the rules and regulations that apply to motorist.

There are specific rules and regulations that only apply to motorist. These rules and regulations should be reviewed, understood and considered before beginning to ride a motorcycle.

This process helps to prevent future crashes and will limit the number of injuries and fatalities on the road. 

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