Robocalling the Wrong Number

The only thing worse than a robocall is a robocall to someone that's not you.

Many times people start to get robocalls that are actually from debt collectors or bill collectors we were looking for a stranger. These calls meant for someone else are some of the worst types of calls to get.

It's estimated that thousands of people each month are getting harassed with another person's or over another person's bills. It is crazy how much this is happening. 

The good news is that at this happening to you, Congress has heard your complaints and made it so that these Robocalling bill collectors calling for someone else actually owe you money and I'm not just talking about $0.25. I'm talking about they're going to owe you $500 for every time they robocall you with a robocall lawyer.

If you told them one or more times that you're not the person that they're looking for and to stop calling you or to stop calling you then instead of being $500 a phone call might, it may be worth $1,500 a phone call to you.

So if this is you you should take advantage of this not only because it will benefit you and your family financially, but it will help put the brakes on these aggressive debt collectors and how they're treating other people.

You want to track down any voicemails they might have left and do not delete them. You may want to go through your caller ID and see if you can locate some of the numbers they called you from and confirm that it's I'm bill collector or an actual company. 

Contact my office we can show you exactly what to do if they continue to call and we can show you or research to find out who those people were to see if they are a viable candidate for a lawsuit.

Joseph McClelland

Joseph McClelland is a husband and trial lawyer. Graduate of Loyola University New Orleans School of Law. He currently practices Fair Credit Reporting Act, Telephone Consumer Act, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act litigation. Earned the designation of Advocate by the National Institute of Trial Advocacy.

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Consumer Attorney that fights big businesses on your behalf. Started his career in international human rights before eventually finding his true calling in consumer protection law. He is a husband and trial lawyer. Most of his work involves credit reporting errors, robocalls, and identity theft. His law practice is in the Atlanta/Decatur area.