Collection Calls to Your Cell Phone AFTER You Ask to STOP Calling? 

How Do You Collect the $500 to $1,500  Per Call Penalty for Getting  Collection Calls AFTER Saying STOP?


Confirm that you got calls AFTER you SPECIFICALLY told them to STOP calling.


See if you have any voicemails from them, can find their number in your caller ID or blocked numbers.


Complete the form 

or call 770-775-0938 

Telephone Consumer Protection Act Provides Damages Per Call

The only thing worse than a robocall is a robocall collection call. The good news is that at this happening to you, Congress has heard your complaints and made it so that these Robocalling bill collectors calling after you take away permission to call you by telling them to stop calling owes you $500 for every time they robocalled you under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or (TCPA)

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Joseph McClelland

Consumer Attorney that fights big businesses on your behalf.
Started his career in international human rights before eventually finding his true calling in consumer protection law. He is a husband and trial lawyer. Most of his work involves credit reporting errors, robocalls, and identity theft. His law practice is in the Atlanta/Decatur area.