[QUIZ] Are Your Cell Phone Calls Illegal?

Are You Entitled to Compensation?

Are you getting illegal cell phone calls

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Getting collection calls stink and so do some the collectors because that’s a tough job.

I wish there was a way to stick it to their bosses that make it bad for everyone…

and make them pay you money for each and every call.

But, wait…

What do you do with this information????

Call me.

If I like your case, then I will not charge you any money to bring it. When I make the bad guys write a check, then and only then will I be paid. This is similar to a personal injury claim.

Give me a call before you pay a collection agency another dime.

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Can You Really Make Collection Agencies and Business Pay Me for Calling My Cell Phone… & Stop Calling?

Are you sick of getting calls day in and day out to your cell phone?

It doesn’t matter what you say, they will NOT stop calling…and it is ticking you off.

And you’re not alone…

FACT: Robo Dialers Can Call over 100 per minute…on a schedule…forever…or until the turn it off.

And this 100 call per minute figure isn’t something we made up…it isn’t even our own research.

That’s right…according to their own information, these machines can call you forever. I wish there was something you do about it… (the secret is below)

So, let’s say that you are busy living your life, don’t worry, the collection agency’s robo dialer is calling 99 other people… constantly until someone answers!

…but we have a plan for you. (we will get to that soon)

Now, do you see why Big Business robo calls you? Someone will eventually get mad and answer the phone.

And this is completely intentional!!

You didn’t do anything wrong…they did.

They need to start making the cash register ring. And one of the ways to make them do that is to catch them robocalling you without your permission (or after you took it away).

Is this something my law firm can do for you?

Yes, and that’s exactly what my firm is all about…

Find Them Breaking the Law & Let Me Force them to Pay You

Once we settled our first cell phone case for a client in Jackson, Georgia, we knew we had to get the word out.

So, rather than let collection agencies, credit card companies and other big business get away with it, we got to work looking for you…

In addition to constantly researching and studying new techniques, we also consult with various subject-matter experts to make sure we come up with the ideal formula for maximizing your results against cell phone violators.

Now, we have developed our own “Execution Plan” that incorporated all our best practices.

Here’s a sampling of how you will benefit from our plan…

 How to we turned a $993.00 of debt into a check for $9,250…

 The easy steps that practically guarantee to find which collector is calling (WITHOUT having to talk with the bill collectors)….

 The one type of call you absolutely MUST file a lawsuit and demand more money…

 How to use motions to smoke out a key point…

 The sneaky, almost dirty tactic you can use to SPY on your collectors to see what they are doing wrong in almost any market…

 When you do not want to use the two “Magic Words” and I am not talking about what you learned in kindergarten…

…and soooo much more.

Personally, I want to ask you whether you have been called by business or collection agency? Had you given your cell number? Or did you later ask them to stop calling? If yes, then let’s begin.

I mean it…

It does not matter if you owed them money.

Have you ever heard the expression: “Two wrongs don’t make a right?”

Here, even if you owe the money, they will have to pay you for wrongfully trying to collect it!

 If you like basketball, it is like an offensive foul. He can’t do that.

We are ready to help you.

 Make money for each robo call
 Relax by not having to dodge each collection call
 Get the debt deleted in some cases
 Avoiding potentially-embarrassing calls at the wrong times

The choice is yours…

Let’s get started making your debt collectors and big businesses pay.

Don’t Let the Window Close by Waiting Too Long

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost?

I don’t charge anything to start.

Why Free?

If you’re thinking “free is cheap…what’s the catch?” then here are two reasons that should put your mind at ease:

1. Free puts this information within the reach of everyone, and

2. We feel that you will choose Joseph McClelland if you have a case.

We also believe that once you experience what we can do for you, you’ll want more of our services and maybe…just maybe…you’ll come back or refer us to your family.

But that’s it…

No fine print…no “hidden trials”…no shenanigans. Just the information you need and the results you want.

Is there a guarantee?

Nothing in life is certain, so of course not.

How long will it take to win my case?

Totally depends. I have closed TCPA files in just weeks from when they answered and fought some over one year.

Do you have any examples or case studies of other people who benefited from this?

Here is a local case from Jackson, Georgia…

I guy calls me about an unrelated legal concern. I address it and tell him what I do. He goes on to tell me about a credit card company that keeps calling his cell phone.

I ask him,

“did you give them your cell phone number to begin with?”

He tells me that he did.

So I tell him,

“if you want them to stop calling, all you have to do is tell them to stop calling.”

He calls me back a few weeks later with a list of the date he told them to stop calling his cell and a list of every date they called after that.

What happened next?

I got his debt deleted.

I got his credit card company to mail us a check for almost 10k.

Are there any deadlines for getting paid for cell phone calls?

Yes. Not only do you have a statute of limitations questions, but you also have class actions that may be limiting your right to recover ever.

Your deadline for calls gets closer every day. Each day another class action settles limits your ability to file this type of case.

Call me right now at (770) 775-0938 or email me directly at joseph@jacksonlaws.com

Thank you.

Joseph P. McClelland