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How To Stop Unwanted Calls To Your Cell in 2017


Does this sound familiar?

You hear your cell phone ringing.

You rush to get it.

The possibilities are endless: could it be my spouse, my kids, my work, an important client, the hospital…

Instead, it’s a bill collector, business or telemarketer :(

To make matters worse when you answer it, they force you to listen to a prerecorded message before you can even speak to someone.

When someone finally comes on the line, you tell them,

“Stop calling me!”

But that doesn’t stop them, does it?


They continue to call.

But, you know what?

Calls After You Say Stop May Be Illegal & a Penalty of $500 PER Call

Why? That sounds crazy.

Here is why:

When you call your friends, you pick up the phone and dial the number.

When big businesses call you, they use a computer that calls you without the need for a human. And this computer can dial thousands of numbers non-stop until the world ends. They can call you thousands of times in a day if they wanted.

People hate this. You hate this.

Congress did something about it. They passed the TCPA or Telephone Consumer Protection Act. This says they can’t call you using one of these machines if you say stop. Congress also gave a penalty of $500 PER call if they break this law


Here are the rules:

If they want to use a computer to call you (and 99% do), they must:

  1. Have your permission or consent to call your cell number AND
  2. You never asked them to stop calling

If they broke this law, they owe you $500 PER call at a minimum. Sometimes that number can go up to $1500 PER call.

This is what I do. If you think this has happened to you, let’s have a quick chat to see if I can help you. You can use the chat box below or follow the links to the contact page.

What I do for clients:

1.       Figure out the number of illegal phone calls.

2.      Figure out who was calling.

3.      Prove they broke the law.

4.      Negotiate a settlement.

5.      Get debt deleted.

6.      Get debt erased from credit report.

7.      Accept a check from the bad guys.

8.     Get paid out of that check.

9.      Smile and shake hands.

10.  Deal closed.

11.   Lifetime friends – some exceptions may apply

If you want us to stop the calls and see if we can get you paid, fill in you details below.

If you want more information, we have a special checklist for you at the very bottom of the page.

It’s up to you.

Best wishes,

Joseph McClelland

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