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If you've been injured in a workplace accident, Georgia workplace accident and personal injury attorney Joseph McClelland can help you enforce your rights. When we represent clients, we represent them with integrity and make sure that they are getting an aggressive Advocate on their behalf. We have a history and reputation of striving 2 be one of the most qualified attorneys in the state.

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In additional in addition to a potential workers compensation claim, you may also be able to bring a negligence claim for damages against a third party. Atlanta, Georgia personal injury attorney Joseph McClelland makes sure that you are maximizing competition you're entitled to.

As a business owner, you are required to make sure that your business is reasonably safe. This also is the same for your work place. You are required to maintain a reasonably safe workplace for your employees and that includes making sure to post all necessary Hazard warnings and to completely comply with the law and training of employees.

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We have been representing Georgians for almost two decades. We have the experience and the qualifications you need to make sure that you or a loved one is fully taken care of.

How Do I Increase My Personal Injury Settlement?
Now that you have decided to file your personal injury claim you must be keen on knowing how do I increase my personal injury settlement? Well, what you do after the injury is important and there are some points, which if followed, can help increase your claim, and we shall get to learn about these points/tips right away.

1. Evidence needs to be preserved
Your evidence is what the jury will see while deciding your case. The other party too will first check your case’s strength and only then decide if or not to offer a fair settlement. Thus, if you manage to preserve the evidence, the chances of you winning the case will increase.

Take pictures of the accident scene immediately and the injuries you have suffered. Try to collect the contact details and names of all witnesses. We can help you get the accident report, as well.

2. Medical treatment should not be delayed
You want to win the personal injury case or get a fair payment for the losses and injuries you have had to bear. For this purpose, you require proper documentation of the damages. The doctors will document injuries and decide on a treatment plan. This documentation may make the other side opt for a settlement of a higher value.

3. Understand how much you can claim
Post auto accidents, people may suffer many types of damages because of the injury. However, you are not likely to be aware of most of these types of injuries. You can get compensation for loss of normal body functioning and also emotional damages. Contact a personal injury attorney.

4. Good offers take good time
Since you are already hurt you may want to accept the very first offer that comes your way and this prevents you from getting the most. You need to show the other party that you are ready to go ahead. It will be a good idea to reject the first few offers at least. Your attorney, with his/her experience, will be able to guide you best in such a situation.

5. Build a strong case
It is very important to build your case methodically to maximize your losses. While preparing the case, you need to serve discovery demands to the other side and your lawyer will request records or conduct depositions.

You may have to visit various medical professionals and get yourself checked, while your attorney may visit the witnesses to make your case stronger.

6. File your case without a wait
Post injury, you have deadlines to file your case and since you will not want to let time run out, file without delay. After you bring your case you also will be able to gather evidence formally using the rules of civil procedure.

You will be able to preserve the evidences to create your case and the other side will also understand that you are serious about receiving a fair settlement.

7. Remember, your impression does matter
The other side will offer you a settlement depending on what they feel can be the decision of the jury at trial. Juries decide considering what they hear and see at trial. It is thus important for you to make the right impression.

Always be respectful and polite when due in court, as these little things may make the other side feel that the jury is likely to be sympathetic towards you/your case. This may push the other side into making a fair settlement.

To Conclude –
Yes, if you follow these tips it will become a lot easier for you to get a fair settlement in your personal injury case. 

“Take the right steps. ”

​Joseph McClelland, Esq.