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Attorney Joseph P. McClelland represents clients who need legal services related to Georgia adoptions. Georgia adoptions can be a wonderful thing, add depth to relationships and add to a life of love. We welcome clients who wish to adopt children in Butts County, Henry County, Spalding County, and Jasper County. Contact us today at 770-775-0938.

Stepparent Adoption in Atlanta

Often times, a stepparent wishes to adopt the child of the other spouse’s. Contact a Georgia Adoption Lawyer to discuss your opportunities to adopt. In many families, the child does not have a relationship with the biological parent and really looks to the stepparent as the actual parent. Other small things also play a part in a decision to adopt. One client told me of their desire to have the last name of the child officially changed before the child started writing his last name. One less complication for a your child may really help him in the long run. Therefore, stepparent adoption can really stabilize the family unit and the child’s life. For more information on adoptions in Georgia, call me today.

Termination of Biological Parent’s Rights in Georgia
The court will terminate the biological parents rights. This does not affect the other biological parent. At this time, the child can officially be adopted by the stepparent in the state of Georgia.

Contested Adoption in Georgia
A court will generally not grant an adoption if the biological parent disagrees. If the step-parent wishes to adopt the child in this situation, our family lawyer can look into other ways to terminate the biological parent’s rights.

Contact our office at 770-775-0938 for a private, confidential consultation with our attorney about your Georgia adoption.

so, if you need legal representation regarding adoption, give us a call today. Adoptions are to be handled slightly different the then other types of civil cases. For example an is happy for all the parties involved. In fact, in most jurisdictions adoptions are handled before any the other cases on the court’s calendar reason is since these are more feel good cases and the fact the involved minor children, it seems smarter to get those cases off of the calendar for hearing other age-appropriate matters.

One example is, if you want an
uncontested divorce in Georgia, then you definitely should go here. An uncontested divorce helps save 100s of time and expense. Not really to say, the Georgia uncontested divorce can make life easier for you. We use the know-how to handle your case in most of your respective family law needs. We help buyers with Georgia divorces and custody issues. As an Atlanta family lawyer I will help you in your time of need.

One of the nice things about adoptions in Georgia is that you get to take pictures with the judge and your newly adopted child or children. These pictures will be with you forever because that is the moment you officially became the legal parent of this child. That’s a pretty important date to remember and memorialize with photographs. I can’t remember another time where someone is taking a photo with an attorney and the judge after legal case. So, in that respect Georgia adoptions are clearly unique. If you are interested in a Georgia adoption, contact my office for legal representation.

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