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How to Fix a Merged or Mixed Credit File So You Stop Getting Denied Credit

Isn't it frustrating to have someone else's accounts on your credit report. You have the right to get someone else's information removed from credit reports once and for all. 

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What is a Mixed Report or Merged Credit File?

A mixed credit file a type of credit error that occurs when the credit agencies combine your account information with another consumer's information. 

Each person may have a blend of each person's accounts and information. This may include your social security number on a stranger's report. This likely violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

How Do I Fix a Mixed File?

To fix a mixed file requires the credit bureaus to learn of their mistake. Also, they must understand why they made the mistake in the first place to stop it from happening again. Because of this, it is difficult to fix without an attorney.

You may find accounts like a credit card, student loan, auto loan, line of credit, mortgage loan, installment loan, personal loan, revolving credit, home equity line, debt collection accounts, or others that are not yours. Your credit report and credit history may contain a mix. 

Why Is My File Mixed Up With Someone Else?

You are mixed because of confusion. You have 9 numbers in your social security number.

The credit bureaus only use 7 or 8 numbers of your social plus a common name or address to put your file together. 

Because of this, accurate information is not reported. 

Credit bureaus argue they don't need to use all of your social security numbers. We stop them from doing this.

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