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Our law firm helps consumers remove someone else's information from their credit report.

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Mixed or Merged Credit Files Ruin Lives

Our law firm can help you as a consumer remove someone else's information merged onto your credit reports. "We Fix the Mix". 

  • Do you have more than social security number on your report? 
  • Do you have wrong accounts or accounts you don't know?
  • Do you have wrong names or addresses on your report?

I have news for you:

The credit bureaus may have merged your credit report with another persons. mixed credit report will cause you to receive much higher interest rates. It could cause a denial. Mixed credit report attorneys get incorrect information removed. Is your credit report merged with someone else?

We force the agencies to pay you damages for hurting your credit and to stop reporting inaccurate information.

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We will never charge you any money unless we get you a recovery first. Period.

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Your Credit Fixed

We help you get your credit report fixed.

Damages Suffered

We fight the compensation your deserve after getting mixed up with another person.

Your Credit Back

When fixed, your credit will be restored, and your credit won't be mixed.

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We only get paid on recovery.

How Do I Fix a Mixed Credit Report? 

What should you do it your credit report is merged with someone else? This is a hard question because it's impossible to without changing their algorithm. 

They designed their system in a way where they don't even use all of the numbers of your social security number when putting your file together. They make money this way. 

Sometimes, they will go as far as putting a different social security number on your report that belongs to another consumer. Sometimes, they will put the accounts of another on your report. Making them change the incorrect information for you alone will not be easy. You will need a specific type of lawyer: a mixed file lawyer for consumers. 

The good news is that the bureaus will have to compensate you for the stress and damage to your scores for reporting inaccurate information. Damaging your credit by giving you mixed credit reporting comes at a price. So, how do you correct a mixed report? You fix it with help of an attorney.

Have you made any phone calls or mailed any dispute letters? Try to keep proof you attempted to correct the false reporting. Try to keep copies of any of their responses. Try to keep copies of any denial letters because of their mistakes.

Have already disputed with the bureaus that they combined your file? Our attorney can enforce your rights. We make them correct the mixed credit file and provide you with compensation for falsely reporting credit information.

mixed file equifax

Equifax Mixed Credit Reporting

Has Equifax has mixed up your file? We can help you make Equifax correct your report and pay you the damages you deserve under the law. Our law firm has experience litigating cases against Equifax in federal court. Bring in a skilled attorney when Equifax merges two social security numbers for one person.  

Do you think Equifax merged your file or put another's information on your file? We help consumers with a mixed credit file.

The credit bureaus must code your file to stop the merge. They stop the merged credit reporting at the source only. Disputes alone won't fix this combination of reports. You need an attorney that understands mixed credit files.

mixed file experian

Experian Mixed Credit Report

Has Experian has combined your report with someone? We get Experian to fix your credit file and pay you damages. We will fight Experian about combining your report with another.

Do you think Experian created a mixed file or put another's information on your file?

These types of problems will likely never be resolved by sending in dispute letter after dispute letter. An attorney that understands mixed credit files is needed. We only charge you if we get a settlement or verdict on your behalf. 

mixed file trans union

Trans Union Mixed Credit Report

Has Trans Union has combined you with someone? We get Trans Union to fix your credit file and pay you damages. We will fight Trans Union for you, so you don't have to. It's a win - win for you. 

Do you think Trans Union created a mixed file or put another's information on your file?

You won't fix these types of issues by sending in dispute letters. You want an attorney for mixed credit reports. If Trans Union combines your file with another person's file, you want us on your team to resolve your mixed credit file.

Common Questions

How much does it cost to hire us?

Our law firm does not charge any upfront cost on credit cases like these. Nor do we charge you during the credit case for expenses. Our fees and cost are subtracted from the recovery we obtain on your behalf. If we can't get the incorrect information removed, we will not charge you.

You will have no out-of-pocket costs for credit issues.

Will the agencies merge my file in the future?

Although anything can happen in the future, we will make sure that the credit reporting agencies have properly coded your credit file so that your credit report and the other person's credit report are never mixed up again. If the CRAs mess up your credit again, you will have a tremendously strong credit lawsuit against them. 

Can I sue for damages?

Absolutely. Our credit law firm can file a suit  under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and help you recover the damages under the law and get the merged credit files corrected.

For example, you see a credit card on your credit you never opened. The best thing to do is to call an attorney to review fraud and fraudulent credit accounts. Debt that is not yours on your credit need to be addressed. Only an authorized user can open an account. If you didn't, then you need a credit attorney. Mixed credit files and mixed files are a problem in how the credit bureaus system put credit information together.

Can an Attorney Help Me Get Someone Else's Name off My Report?

We help with Equifax mixed files, credit report merged with someone else, multiple names on credit report, free online credit report, mixed credit report lawsuit, all 3 credit reports, someone else's name on my credit report, credit bureau issues and more.

How long does it take?

Although each Credit Reporting Agency or CRA will have different timelines, most of them will work diligently after filing a credit lawsuit to try to decipher where the credit error occurred and how to correct it. Cases with mixed files can take anywhere from a few months to get the reported corrected to over one year.

Can this actually be fixed?

Yes. We work with credit files daily and can make sure your credit report is your credit alone. As you can see, we take credit seriously.

We can advise on credit services, credit repair, credit monitoring, credit protection, credit reports, where to get credit reports, why knowing your credit score is important, how to find errors on your credit reports, why finding credit errors is vital, why a low credit score can cost you a great deal of money, why credit card companies charge you annual fees, why you want to keep credit cards open instead of closing the, how to dispute credit errors, how to sue for credit errors, how to get the best credit lawsuit settlements and more.

Although we are licensed in New York and Georgia, we can work across the nation with local counsel if you live in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Joseph McClelland fights for consumer rights in credit reporting errors like identity theft. Sons and dads are often merged together, especially when one is a jr. and the other is a sr. In this cases, credit reporting errors happen daily. The Fair Credit Reporting Act forces all creditors to ensure maximum accuracy in consumer reports.

Federal Trade Commission or the state attorneys generals is not how you are going to get this solved. The credit industry and all of the credit reporting companies know how devastating a credit reporting error is. These cases can be valuable. You may have heard of Julie Miller? She got punitive damages in her case and millions of dollars.

What is a mixed file credit report?
When credit information is confused with a family member, husband and wife, brother and sister, cousins, or complete stranger. Each credit bureau and all consumer reporting agencies are responsible for credit scoring maintaining accurate files and keeping social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, names, apartment numbers, separate. But they don't. Many times people think there is identity theft when it's just credit reporting errors.

When Do I start?

You should immediately act when it involves your credit. Not only do you still have a credit claim under the FCRA, you don't want your credit to be at the mercy of a stranger. You have no idea when that person may stop paying the bill and it will ruin your credit score. 

Equifax (www.equifax.com) can be held accountable with TransUnion (www.transunion.com), and Experian (www.experian.com) and forced to do the right thing...when we sue the credit bureaus for hurting your credit scores by creating mixed files!

The credit reporting of incorrect information like mixed files is the subject of years of litigation and jury verdicts. The credit information about mixed credit files is highly confidential is known by very few people.

Multiple Names on Credit on your credit ...Why?

Seeing multiple names on your file may be sign of something larger such as having a merged or mixed credit. Very slight variations in your name are less problematic when found. However, a name that is not yours is another issue. 

Contact us to discuss your legal recourse for them merging your file with another person's accounts. The bureaus will include the information and accounts of family members such as dad's, son's, and cousin's info which is violated the laws.

Credit Reporting Mixed with Someone Else?

This merging or mixing of credit reports happens quite often and hurts credit scores. It can happen on Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax credit reports.  These cases should only be handled by a qualified FCRA attorney. A mixed credit report is serious.

Contact us to discuss your legal recourse for them merging your credit with another person's accounts. The bureaus will include the credit of family members such as dad's, son's, and cousin's info which is violated the laws.

Credit reporting errors can hurt. Unlike commingled accounts, identity theft usually will have the accounts without any payments being made.

Being comingled with a family member is a serious credit reporting error. Merging credit histories is even worse when one person gets another's collection agency reporting. We practice consumer rights against the credit industry over this exact issue.

Credit Report Mixed with Someone Else?

This merging or mixing of credit reports happens quite often and hurts credit scores. It can happen on Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax credit reports.  These cases should only be handled by a qualified FCRA credit attorney. A mixed credit report or mixed credit file is serious. Don't let the bureaus get away with it. It doesn't matter if it's just one bureau or all of them, the impact is the same.

Common signs you have a mixed file: 

  • wrong social security number on your credit report,
  • wrong phone number on credit report,
  • someone else's name on your credit report, or
  • multiple names that are wrong,
We Fix Mixed Credit Files

If you look at your report and see credit cards you didn't authorize, this may be a sign. If the credit card is in good standing, it's even more likely you've been combined with someone. We make them report accurate information.

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