Mixed/Merged Credit File: Another Person's Accounts on Your Credit Report

Mixed or Merged Credit Files Can Equal Large Verdicts & Settlements 

Having a mixed file may also cause you to suffer embarrassment or damage to your credibility and reputation because when the person pulls your credit report and sees negative account information, they will be forced to make a determination if you were telling the truth or if you are not telling the truth. Nobody wants to be in that circumstance own either side of the desk. This is what I do as a Fair Credit Reporting Act Attorney.

Along those lines, getting denied the loan for what you want in life will create anxiety and negative feelings because you're not getting what you want and what you deserve based upon your real credit score is not your credit scores that have been affected by I mixed file error this caused by the credit bureaus. 

Additionally, sometimes emotional stress can manifest itself physically into certain types of elements.

If you or a loved one are in this situation, Joseph McClelland can help you resolve these issues with the Credit Agencies and creditors. He has experienced fighting the Credit Credit Agencies such as Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian.

He can be reached for a private consultation at 770-775-0938.

We do not charge consumers any money for our services unless we were able to recover a financial award for them against the credit bureaus and or creditors.

What should you do to fix a mixed credit file? 

I will give you this information, but be aware that most likely this will not work. The problem is deeper then you can solve with a dispute letter. 

However, and this is extremely important, you must dispute the information before you have a solid legal claim. Once you have a solid legal claim, fixing or removing the other person's trade lines or accounts from your credit report will be extremely easy. The reason why is because in litigation the Creditor or in this case the credit reporting agency will individually review your file to fix it.

Effectively, they are stopping the machine and pulling out your information and fixing it manually. That is a process that cannot happen without a Fair Credit Reporting attorney involved. 

The takeaway here, is that you should be prepared for your dispute to not work the first time.

Therefore, you want to make sure that you create as much tangible evidence that you attempted to situation under the law. What that means for you is that you want to make a copy for yourself of the dispute letter so that you can prove exactly but you disputed and which account you disputed. You also want to send your dispute letter certified mail with a return receipt so that you have proof that they received it. 

Many times they will claim to have never received your dispute letter and that will put you at a disadvantage when you should have complete Leverage. If you have already taking the time and disputed this information with the Credit Agencies and or creditor, and please contact my office so that we can enforce your rights and make the Credit Agencies remove the mixed credit file from your credit report.

Equifax mixed files

If Equifax has mixed up your credit file, we can help you make Equifax correct your report. Our law firm has experience litigating against Equifax in federal court. If you think Equifax has created a mixed file or put another's information on your file, contact us immediately.

Credit Report Merged with Someone Else

This happens quite often. It happens on Trans Union credit reports, Experian reports, and Equifax reports. These cases should only be handled by a qualified FCRA attorney because of its importance to you.

Multiple Names on Credit Report

Seeing multiple names on your credit report may be sign of something larger. Contact us to discuss.

Someone Else's Name on My Credit Report

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