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Your Cell Phone Rights Explained

Here is a breakdown of you basic rights of you and your cell phone.


$500 to $1,000 Per Call or Text

Clearly Asked to Stop Calling

You have the right to ask the caller to stop calling your cell phone. If they continue to call, you may have a claim.

Getting Calls For Another Person

Since you never gave them permission to call you, the calls may be illegal. If they continue to call, you may have a claim.

Telemarketing Calls

If they continue to call, you may have a claim. You must ask them who they are and write down their number.


Enforce Your Rights with a Consumer Lawyer

Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act ("TCPA") companies can only robodial you if it got your permission. This generally means that you gave them your cell number when you signed the application and never asked someone to stop calling. You need a consumer attorney to do this for you. Call us today for a quick consultation at (770) 775-0938.

No Payment If No Recovery

If there is no payment, then I will not charge you.

Get Paid for Each Call with the TCPA

We will work to make sure to find each call and make them pay for them.

No Work For You

Our TCPA attorney does all the heavy lifting from here.

$500 Per Illegal Cell Phone Call

Just how it sounds: I can get you between $500 and $1,500 for each illegal cell phone call under the TCPA.

This is the Law

Since you have never seen this law discussed on TV or in the movies, I imagine you have questions. Pick up the phone and give me a quick call to see why this applies to you. You can also send us an email.

They Will Stop Calling You Forever

Funny thing about you making them pay you is they don't want to pay you twice after they know you have an attorney on your side. Contact my office today for representation. Call us today for a quick consultation at (770) 775-0938.

A Quiet Phone Again

Now you have time to call your mom:) or your lawyer:)

You Can Do This

Just put us in the game, and we do all the work while you go one with your life. That's pretty easy. Call us today for a quick consultation at (770) 775-0938.


What are Robocalls Under the TCPA?

Robocalls or robocalls under the TCPA are calls made with the help of a computer that can call thousands of telephone numbers at a time. Sometimes these calls are called automated dialers or atds. They are used for telemarketing purposes and debt collection. If you ever answer a telephone call and there is a pre-recorded message, then you are on a call that used an auto dialer under the TCPA. If you ever answer your cell phone and hear a delay before the person comes on the line, that is likely the use of a computer assisted call or robocall. If you are getting cell phone calls by an auto dialer under the TCPA, contact my office to assist you because you may have a claim under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA. Recently, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the 2015 Omnibus Declaratory Ruling discussed dialing rules to cell phones. The impact on robocall lawsuits and robocall settlements is huge. This article will help you learn how to stop robocalls and spam cell phone calls today. Call us today for a quick consultation at (770) 775-0938.

What is Consent?
The law requires express consent to be called. Generally, that is written consent when you fill out an application. That can also include verbal consent under the TCPA.

Who is getting the calls?
The called person is the important person when dealing with autodialed calls and prerecorded calls and messages to your cellular telephone line under the TCPA law.

How did they find my telephone number to robocall me in the first place?
If you did not give it to them, they probably found it on your credit report or hired a company to locate it. This is another reason why you should have a consumer attorney on your side with a TCPA claim. Call us today for a quick consultation at (770) 775-0938.

Should you use a robocall blocking app?
I say do not use them. You may consider answering the call to find out who it is. Then, I would ask myself if I gave them permission or do I need to take it away. If you are getting calls from a scammer, just tell them you think it's scam, and hang up. If they are a scammer, then they will just move on. No good robocall lawsuit comes from scammers. Therefore, I would not use a robocall blocking app unless you are positive. 

We also help consumers with:
junk faxes
unsolicited advertisements

You signed up for a credit card using your home phone number. Later, they start to call your cell phone. You are wondering how they found your number. You may have a claim for a violation of the TCPA. This is another reason why you should have a consumer lawyer on your side. Call us today for a quick consultation at (770) 775-0938.


DT Security
Ally Financial
American Collection Services
Asset Acceptance
Bank of America
Capital One
Collection Information Bureau
Commonwealth Financial Systems
Credit One Bank, N.A.


Enhanced Recovery Company
GC Services
GE Retail Capital Bank
Global Healthcare Management LLC
Green Tree
Mark One
Midland Credit Management
National Credit Adjustments

Ocwen Financial
One Source Medical Supply, LLC
Palisades Collection
Pinnacle Security LLC
Portfolio Recovery Associates
Resurgent Capital
Sallie Mae
US Fast Cash
U.S. Healthcare Supply LLC
Verizon Wireless
Wells Fargo
World Finance


1. In the last 4 years, has a business called your cell phone multiple times?
Yes: Great. Go to the next question.
No: Sorry, but you do not have a claim regarding calls to your cell.

2. Did you ever put that number on the application or give them permission to call?
Yes: Skip to question #3.
No: You may have a claim. Calling your cell phone without permission may be illegal & you get up to $1,500 per call. These unwanted cell calls are the basis for a robocall lawsuit.

3. Did you take away permission (tell to stop calling)?
Yes: If they are calling after you told them to stop, then you may have a legal claim.
No: If you never told them to stop calling (and you want them to), think about doing so or contact an attorney.

4. Have you told them to stop calling?
Yes: If you told them to stop calling, but they continue, you may have a claim. Go to #5.
No: If you never told them to stop calling (and you want them to), think about doing so. Otherwise, they will not stop collection calls to your cell.

5. Do you want me to represent you as your attorney to turn those calls into money?
Yes: Call us today for a quick consultation at (770) 775-0938.

My law firm can help you stop the harassing robocalls for all Georgia cities including Macon, Decatur, Savannah, Albany, Columbus, La Grange, Rome, Tucker, Marietta, Griffin, Covington, Conyers, Stone Mountain, Athens, Snellville, and more.

TCPA $500 Per Call

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