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The internet doesn't work properly when the first page is owned by the corporations that have wronged you. 

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Our attorney has 19 years experience representing clients in a variety of legal practice areas. We have developed our own internal systems that benefits you.

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We've taken an oath to never represent corporations over consumers. We are on your side and your side only. Period.

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The mission of this law firm is to fight the largest corporations in the world where we see injustice and inequality.

We are the last defense against corporations that lie, steal, and cheat.

About Joseph McClelland

Joseph McClelland is a husband and a litigator for consumers. He graduated from Georgia Southern University and received his law degree from Loyola New Orleans School of Law. He has worked for both some of the region's largest law firms and some of the smallest. If you are in the right, he is on your side. 

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