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Mixed & Merged Credit Reports

If you file as been combined with another person, we can help. This generally the fault of the credit agencies. These are called mixed files. If you have information that is not yours on your credit report, this page is for you.

Mistakenly Deceased on Credit Reports

Every year, the credit agencies mistakenly report someone as deceased. We help consumer get their deceased credit reports corrected.

Identity Theft for Victims

We help clients with Fair Credit Reporting Act or (FCRA) claims relating to identity theft. 

Learn more by reading this page about identity theft and ID fraud.


Credit Reporting Error Litigation

We help clients with Fair Credit Reporting Act or (FCRA) claims. Learn was to do with a credit dispute attorney. We show you how to remove actual errors with the law.

Do you have false information on your credit report? We can help as a consumer advocate and consumer protection attorney by filing claims against Equifax, Experian, Trans Union, and other businesses that are hurting your credit scores by reporting incorrect information. 

Stop Debt Collection Calls

We help clients with Telephone Consumer Protection Act  or (TCPA) claims. We show you what your rights are and what you can do stop the calls today. Consumer lawyers can help.

If the collection calls means for another person, check out this article: How to stop debt collectors calling the wrong number

This is special area of law for consumer protection lawyers. 

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