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Here Are Your Rights

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have the right to sue creditors and the credit bureaus like Equifax, Trans Union and Experian for monetary damages and a free legal representation. Speak with an Atlanta Identity Theft Attorney if this is you.

Find ID Theft on Your Report

1. Find the error or inaccuracy

Dispute with Credit Agencies

2. Dispute with credit agencies WITH a police report.

It's Fixed or You Sue

3. If they don't fix it, then you sue.

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We Help Fix Inaccurate Reports Only

Identity Theft Is Getting Worse in 2019

In 2017 alone, 6.64 percent of consumers became victims of identity theft, or about 1 in 15 people in Georgia. With today's online internet use, the number of identity theft and identity fraud cases in these areas will only go up.

The Federal Trade Commission says that of the 2.7 million identity theft and identity fraud reports they received in 2017, over 1.1 million were fraud-related which cost consumers close to $905 million. 2019 will be another record year of fraud with more and more people shopping online and with more information on the internet. 

Once It's Stolen, It Won't Stop Unless...

Identity theft is not a one time thing as practicing identity theft lawyers know. Not only will the bad, stolen accounts stay on your credit report for 7 years, you should also expect the identity theft criminal to keep opening accounts in your name.

To fix the issue, this is how consumer protection lawyers would do. Without a written dispute PLUS a police report, nothing will happen to fix the fraud. If you do send in a letter claiming you were a victim of identity theft, include a police report and mail it certified, either the bad account will be removed or you will have established a potential claim for damages. Fair Credit Report Act attorneys will hold them liable for any damages to you.

But, if you follow these steps, you will be owed money and have a case or it will be fixed. Speak with an Atlanta identity theft lawyer if you have a question.

File a Lawsuit to Fix Identity Theft 

You have a right to the maximum possible accuracy on your credit report even if you were a victim of identity theft but you may need a lawyer, just not immediately. You also have the right to sue the credit bureaus and companies that refuse to correct incorrect information on your credit report after you disputed the errors. This requires a lawyer.

Our law office sues Equifax, Trans Union and Experian on behalf of clients who have been damaged and help back by inaccurate reporting. They have a responsibility to investigate your identity theft disputes and when you have identity theft lawyers on your side, fraud accounts are removed..

Call us today for a quick consultation from an experienced FCRA attorney to see if you have an identity theft  or ID fraud case at (770) 775-0938 resenting Atlanta and Decatur, Georgia.

How Can I Tell If My Identity Has Been Stolen?

There are numerous signs that your identity may have been stolen.

  • For example, if you find an account on your report that you are positive that you didn't open. Or you may get turned down for a loan when you were sure that you had a decent credit score.
  • Additionally, you may have bills that normally come to you suddenly stop coming. The theft may have changed the address on your accounts which is common with ID theft.
  • Another way you can tell if your identity was stolen is if you start getting collection calls or collection letters on debts that are not yours. Each of these calls and letters may be illegal and create a lawsuit for your benefit. Why? Because attempting to collect that is not valid may be illegal under the TCPA, FDCPA and the FCRA laws. Please call us today for a quick consultation at (770) 775-0938. Our office will try to obtain the best settlement possible. Speak with an Atlanta Identity Theft Attorney.

How to Retain Our Law Firm to Represent You, without Paying Attorney’s Fees

What if the information on my credit that was not mine is good? Do I need a fraud lawyer in Atlanta? An Atlanta FCRA lawyer will make sure you get your score back to where it should be. This requires an Atlanta attorney if you have already tried but failed to fix the issue. Attorneys force the credit reporting agencies to take the right steps. Speak with an Atlanta identity theft lawyer if you have a question.

For example, you check your credit and you see an old credit card account (or any business), but it comes with a debt collector. Can you do something about that? What if the wrong information on my credit report that is not mine is bad? Get a consultation on your rights as a victim of identity theft or ID theft. Our law firm's past success with clients will show you that we mean business as you can see from our law firm's testimonials. We are right outside Atlanta, Georgia in Decatur helping you in numerous practice areas of law. Speak with an Atlanta Identity Theft Attorney. Please call us today for a quick consultation in Atlanta and Decatur to review your credit report at (770) 775-0938.

Speak with one of our Decatur attorneys today. Because this is just one of our law firm's practice areas, we can make sure you are covered. Our law firm's clients love what we do to fix ID theft and false account. We can handle some of work and consultations over the phone and internet. 

Our office represents clients to obtain settlements through litigation and settlement negotiations in Fulton County, Cobb County Dekalb County, Gwinnett County, Clayton County, Henry County and metro cities such as Decatur. Speak with an Atlanta identity theft lawyer if you have a question. Call us today for a quick consultation at (770) 775-0938.

File an FCRA Claim Against the Businesses & Credit Bureaus

Identity theft cases may not as common as people think. What do I mean? Many of the issues are not identity theft, but rather the bureaus making a mistake. 

Do I always need an Atlanta identity theft attorney? Yes, because when they don't listen, you will need to file litigation in federal court in that cases. We have experience with a client like yourself taking on the credit agencies in federal litigation cases.

Are you sure this isn't a problem with the credit bureaus like Equifax in Atlanta, Georgia? Attorneys with experience can help you make that determination. What's a merged or mismatched file or report? How do I dispute information on my credit that's not mine? How I can get my identity back? Hire an Atlanta attorney with a focus on litigation. Hire attorneys that care about you to handle your case like us.

Will the credit bureaus take this information off my report if I dispute with the bureaus? When do I need a consumer credit help with bad errors? Generally, if you have already tried to fix the issue, but failed, I would contact legal representation in Georgia.

If you are in the metro Atlanta area, contact my office for a consultation and representation in your identity theft or ID fraud case in this practice area. We will protect your rights by disputing inaccurate report information resulting from identity theft and may sue the creditors and credit bureaus responsible. Speak with an Atlanta identity theft lawyer if you have a question. Please call us today for a quick ID fraud consultation at (770) 775-0938.

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Common Questions:

What if someone stole my identity when I was living in another state? 

That's fine. You can still get a police report and file a claim in Georgia for identity theft that happened outside of Georgia. Lawyers can still help you. Nor is it necessary that you track down the person or criminal that opened the accounts that are not yours and committed these offenses against you. That is criminal law. We do civil law which is about making them pay damages. The police can determine if they will charge them with these offenses. However, your help as a client can be valuable to our law firm in showing that you did not open the accounts to begin with.

When do I need an Atlanta identity theft lawyer? 

Contact us after you have disputed the fraud account that came from identity theft. Lawyers help clients after you have notified the credit agencies that any accounts created by fraud need to be removed BUT they aren't removed. This is just one example of why you want to contact a firm that knows this type of federal law to keep you in the know.

How long does this type of lawsuit take?

That depends on many factors. At the very minimum, it will takes a few months for the bureaus to review their files to even begin to negotiate. Identity theft trials can take over a year in the Atlanta division of federal court, although trials are extremely rare. However, if you don't take this step, it will likely stay on your report for 7 years. Speak with an Atlanta identity theft lawyer if you have a question.     

Does this work against Equifax?

Yes. If you have been a victim of identity theft, notified Equifax properly and they didn't remove the error, then, yes, our law practice can represent you against Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. There will be penalties against them in the form of having to pay you directly and correct all inaccuracies. You may also want to include an identity theft affidavit from

When do I have to pay my lawyer?

If my firm takes the case, then we will get paid out of what we make the credit bureaus and creditors pay. That's how identity theft lawyers work. This firm is ready to help you as a new client. You will be pleased with our representation through settlements or trials.   

Will the thief be charged with a crime, or crimes?

Whether they bring charges against the criminal is in the hands of the prosecution. If the individual gets charged is in the state's hands and what the penalties are. Our practice areas do not include defense and criminal work. We don't represent state or federal crimes or provide criminal defense work. You will want a top criminal lawyer to handle the offenses you've been charged with. Being charged with a crime is serious, so seek legal attention immediately by speaking with a credit fraud attorney. Speak with an Atlanta identity theft lawyer if you have a question.

Should I contact the bank or credit card affected?

Yes. Contact your bank if your card has been compromised right now and provide them with this information. This will help with this type of fraud. If they won't fix it, you will want to speak with an attorney or consumer lawyer.

Why do I need a lawyer? 

ID fraud lawyers can help you get items off of your credit report that were the result of someone stealing your identity in Atlanta or any city in the US. Call my law practice today for free consultation and representation with ID fraud accounts. We are right here outside Atlanta, Georgia in Decatur. Become our client today.

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