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Our law firm helps consumers fight credit bureaus, creditors, and collectors. If you have fraudulent accounts credited by identity theft, contact our office.

Identity Theft Attorney Removes Credit Fraud

Here's How Identity Theft Lawyers Work


Find ID Theft on Your Report

1. Find an account on your credit report that you did not authorize.


Dispute with Credit Agencies

2. Notify the credit agencies as we recommend


It's Fixed or Claim for Damages

3. If they don't fix it, then we sue under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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How much do we cost? We will never charge you any money unless we get you a recovery first. Period.

What is Identity Theft & What to Do?

Identity theft is when a person uses your name for their benefit without your authority.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports that 6.64% of us are identity theft victims. That means that about 1 in 15 people has damaged credit with no fault of their own.

Unfortunately, identity theft criminals will keep opening accounts in those people's names. You can remove fraudulently opened identity theft accounts. 
You should consult an identity theft attorney to do so.

Do I Really Need an Identity Theft Lawyer to Fight Credit Fraud? 

If all fraud accounts are gone after the first round of disputes, you don't need an attorney. But, it's never that easy.

If it's not fixed, you have the right to sue. You can sue the CRAs and companies that refuse to fix it. They must correct your credit report after you disputed the errors. Period.

They must investigate your identity theft disputes. If they don't, they violated the law. Our law office sues Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian on behalf of victims of identity theft regularly.

How Do Identity Theft Lawyers Remove False Accounts When I Can't?

We are able to get fraud accounts removed by proving who actually stole your identity. When we get the evidence, we can prove it was not you.

As your identity theft attorney, we will have them removed and negotiate a settlement because of this.

Can You Sue Equifax?

Absolutely. If you weren't at fault, then you can bring a claim for damages under the FCRA.

Can You Sue Trans Union? 

Yes. Suing for damages under the FCRA is possible as we've said. Experian, Equifax, and/or Trans Union must correct fraud accounts from your report. In not, then you may have a solid claim for damages against them. Take action. 

Can You Sue Experian?


Can You Sue a Credit Card/Bank/Phone Company?

Absolutely - same answer. If you have disputed the fake accounts through the credit agencies, then you are ready to move forward with litigation. If you are saying, "I need an identity theft lawyer near me", reach out right now. We don't charge you and can advise you regardless of your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fraudulent Credit Report Information

Our “No Fee Guarantee” 

We will never charge you any money unless we get you a recovery first. Period. That's our "No Fee Guarantee".

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-R. Thornton

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He was recently quoted by Martha Stewart, Best Company, Newsday, and Investopedia, to name a few. Author of a new book on identity theft and credit reporting.

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