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Attorney Joseph P. McClelland, Esq. fights for consumer protection rights, credit report error removal, identity theft removal, stopping robocalls and debt collection harassment, family law, and significant personal injury claims.

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About Joseph McClelland

Georgia and New York licensed attorney, Joseph P. McClelland, brings almost 20 years of experience to your side. 

Recently quoted in Best Company, Newsday and Investopedia, to name a few.

Get the experience you need right here locally.

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Identity Theft Lawyer for Victims

We focus our energy on helping consumers fight inaccurate credit reporting that causes damages to their lives.

Get an identity theft lawyer to help make them follow the rules and do what's right.

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    Make the businesses and credit bureaus fix the errors.
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    Get your good credit back.
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    No attorney fees unless we win.

Credit Report Disputes

Do you think you have an error on your credit report? Is it causing you stress? Hurting your credit?

You have a right to dispute that information. You have a right to an reasonable investigation into your dispute.

Learn more from a credit lawyer about all types of credit reporting errors.

Mixed Credit Report

Do you have another person's social security number, address, or accounts on your credit report?

This is called a mixed file, and it very common for the credit agencies to combine info on multiple people. These cases do great damage to you.

Learn more about bringing in a mixed credit report attorney.

Robocalls from Collectors

Collectors can only call you if you gave them your number and never told them to stop calling under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

If you told them to stop calling and they continued to call or robocall, then you may have a claim.


If you are getting robocalls meant for another person, you may have a claim regardless if you spoke to them.  

Learn more from a robocall lawyer about how to stop robocalls and what to do if you are getting collection calls for somebody else.

Personal Injury Litigation

We make sure that injured clients get what they are entitled to under Georgia law. Hire us as your Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney, Atlanta truck accident attorney, and wrongful death attorney.

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    Obtain fair settlements for the injured.
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    Present your case honestly to the jury for them to make a great decision when the insurance company is not being fair.

List of Debt Collection Companies

See our list of collection companies that may have violated the law.

Learn each of the questions you should ask yourself if you have a collector calling you repeatedly. 

Also, see our page on statute of limitations on debt collection.

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