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4 Reasons Your Dispute to Equifax Will Fail

Here is the sad truth:

If you have an error on your credit report, it will be fixed the first time you dispute it correctly or it will never be fixed with a dispute. Why? Because almost no one will investigate your dispute, you will get the same result. You must do something different.

If your dispute fails, you may be entitled to force them to correct the problem, pay your attorney and you damages under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Problem #1: Equifax Is Accurately Reporting 

The report must be inaccurate, incomplete or misleading. This is the first step to winning a dispute with Equifax. It must be incomplete or misleading.

Problem: I see many people fight information that they know is correct thinking it will be removed. It will not. Worse yet, I see people paying "credit repair companies" to dispute correct information. What a waste of money! Businesses only remove information they find to be incorrect where they can be sued. Period.

Problem #2: You Don't Explain What's Wrong and Why in Your Dispute to Equifax

This is the second step to disputing Equifax. What you say is here important!

Best Practices: Write down what is going on and what is incorrect. Spell it out in your own words. Just remember to tell the complete story so that whoever reads it will know exactly what you know. Include any bills, checks, documents, or other evidence that helps you. Include other people or places for them to ask or look that helps you prove you are correct.

Problem: Most people only dispute to the business or creditor that provides the information to Equifax. This is a mistake.

Problem: Many people try to dispute online. This is a huge mistake.

Problem #3: No Record of the Dispute to Equifax

This is the third step is to mail the dispute to Equifax. Online disputes to Equifax are a joke.

Problem: If they don't fix the errors, you will need proof that you sent the dispute to Equifax. You don't always get that with online disputes to Equifax.

Problem: You don't get to provide all THE DETAILS YOU MUST INCLUDE to be successful. This requires you to write one or two or 100 sentences to fully describe what you are disputing.

Solution: Just describe exactly what is wrong. Then, describe why it is wrong. Plus, show them with documents that you may have.

Problem #4: You Stop After The Dispute Fails

Most disputes will fail and will require an attorney to force Equifax to correct errors. That is what we do here. In just a few minutes on the phone, we can explain your rights and your next steps.

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