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Are you facing a divorce and are not exactly sure about the next steps? Are you wondering how the law divides property and debts between the two of you? What about the kids? Who gets custody and who pays child support? How are the holidays divided for visitation? An Atlanta divorce attorney has your answer.

I can help you complete your divorce without all of the extra drama. Give us a call if you have a question about the next steps.

What We Do

Our attorneys can focus the issues and provide you with right advice when you need it right here in Atlanta, Georgia. 

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  • Grandparent’s rights in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Military families in Georgia
  • Annulment of the marriage in Fulton County, Dekalb County and more.
  • Separate Maintenance proceedings in Fulton County, Dekalb County and more.
  • Same-Sex Marriage  in Georgia
  • Modification of child support, visitation, custody, and alimony
  • Contempt Actions in Fulton County, Dekalb County and more.
  • Adoptions in Fulton County, Dekalb County and more.
  • Gay and Lesbian Family law
  • Stepparent adoptions in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Legitimation and Paternity in Fulton County, Dekalb County and more.
  • Temporary Protective Orders in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Pre and Postnuptial Agreements in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Third Party Custody
  • Child Custody, Visitation & Support in Fulton County, Dekalb County and more.

What Does a Georgia Divorce Cost?

We charge by the hour and make sure that we are transparent with no surprises.

How Long Does it take?

It takes between one month and 2 years depending on the circumstances. 

Contested Divorces in Atlanta

Do You Have to Go to Court?

In Atlanta courts, it depends if it is a contested or uncontested divorce and what the issues are.

What if My Spouse Is in the Military?

Our Atlanta family law firm can help you if you or your spouse are in the military. 

Can You Modify Child Support in Atlanta?

Yes, you can modify child support under certain conditions. 

Child Custody

Speak with Mr. McClelland about child support obligations that are required until the legal age or other questions.

Common Questions

In Which County Would I File?

What are the grounds for divorce?

What is Uncontested?

Important Court Addresses

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