What Is a Robocall?

Ring. Ring. Ring.

You look for your phone. Find it. Look to see who is calling you with important information.

You don't recognize the number, but you answer it.

What do you hear?

A recording... from an actual (not a scam) business or collector... looking for you or a stranger.

WTF, right?

That call may be illegal and worth $500 under the TCPA or Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Then, they call again. This time you push some buttons or a person comes on the line and you say,"stop calling me".

That call may also be worth $500.

But, they call again... after you told them to stop: 

That call may be worth $1,500 because you told them to stop, and they refused. To make that happen, you need a robocall lawyer.

What if the robocalls are meant for a different person (known by you or a complete stranger)?

If this is the case, since you never gave consent for them to call you, all of the robocalls will be illegal. It's all about consent and if they used a robodialer. If this is your situation, let's speak privately about what we can do for you. As a TCPA lawyer, I can advise you on your next steps.

Can I really get $500 to $1,500 per call?

Many times the calls include recording of some sort. 

Many times the calls will not have any type of recording. Instead, these calls will have an actual human being, although after a delay before they come on the line and start speaking.

If you have a collector robocalling you, let's speak. If I think you have a case, we can bring it with no upfront fees. If I think you don't have a case, then I'll tell you so neither of us wastes any time.

If I take the case, I will fight hard to figure out the exact number times you were robocalled, so we can increase the damages to you.

Did you ask them to stop calling you?

This is big. Many people originally give their consent to be called when they hand over their cell phone numbers. However, if you ask to not be called anymore, they MUST stop. If you are absolutely positive you told a collector to stop calling and you were later repeatedly called about the same debt, we want to talk with. Call us right now to see if we can stop the calling and enforce your federal rights. 


ROBOCALL TIP: If you have a collector calling, be sure to take notes of when you tell them to stop calling. If they keep calling after this, you may have a claim under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. These can be worth up to $1,500 per call. Having the date that you told them to stop calling is a great start to proving you told them to stop.

ROBOCALL TIP: When you get a collection call, make sure you know who you are actually talking to. Make sure you know WHICH debt they are calling about.

Is a business or collection company that you know contacting you constantly? Have you told them to stop calling you? If you have you may be entitled to compensation under the telephone consumer protection act and being title to 500 to $1,500 per phone call. If you are getting collection calls or telemarketing calls for a person that is not you, you may also be entitled to compensation under the same law. Please contact my office today if you think we can help, by filling out the contact form on this page or by calling me directly at 770-775-0938.

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