Post Bankruptcy Credit Reporting needs to be accurate

Our law firm helps consumers fight inaccurately credit reporting about them after a bankruptcy. 

Can I Sue for Not Reporting About Bankruptcy Correctly?

Yes. Before bankruptcy and after bankruptcy, you have certain credit reporting rights. The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you those rights. You're going to learn what you need to know about your credit report after bankruptcy.

What We Will Cover

  • You will learn your rights under the credit reporting laws
  • You will learn each of the common ways your rights are violated 
  • You will learn how we can get you compensated for your damages

What are Your Credit Reporting Rights After Bankruptcy?

You have a right to an accurate credit report. You have a right to dispute to the credit agencies and ask them to correct all errors.

You have a right to sue each of the credit agencies and creditors for violating your rights if it's not fixed.

That's what we do for people.

I wouldn't sleep on this. False credit reporting does real damage to consumers, especially after a bankruptcy. These consumers deserve compensation under the law. 

Here Are the Most Common Lawsuits for Damages Following a Bankruptcy

  1. Reporting Missed Payments After Bankruptcy
  2. Reporting a Balance Due After Bankruptcy
  3. Pulling Your Credit After Bankruptcy

Are one of these three reason the cause? We can help you. We are working remotely with clients, so you just need a phone.

reason 1

Reporting Missed Payments

Let's say that before the bankruptcy you were late on your payments many times. Before the bankruptcy, Capital One should report that you missed 3 payments. After the bankruptcy, Capital One should not show any missed payments at all. 

reason 2

Reporting Balance

Following a bankruptcy, you will still have most, if not, of all the accounts that were on your credit report. But, they should not be reporting you as having missed any payments. After the bankruptcy, you don't owe them any more money. Following the bankruptcy, the balance on your credit report should be zero dollars.

reason 3

Inquiries After Bankruptcy

After filing bankruptcy, their rights change. None of the creditors included in the bankruptcy have a right to review your credit. Creditors can't inquire about your credit after the date of your bankruptcy discharge. For example, let's say that you included Capital One on your bankruptcy. Then, the bankruptcy court discharged it on January 1st 2020. You should no longer see any inquiries from Capital One dated after that date. They no longer have a permissible purpose in reviewing your credit report any longer. They don't have a right to that information. 

See our “No Fee Guarantee” on False Credit Reporting

We will never charge you any money unless we get you a recovery first. Period.

Process Steps

We follow these steps to complete the process


Confirm that you have a credit reporting error.


Properly notify the credit reporting agencies for you.


If it's not corrected, we file a claim for damages under the law.


Can you sue the credit bureaus and the businesses that are false reporting on you after bankruptcy? 

Yes, you can sue Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, as well as the other businesses for false reporting on you after your bankruptcy. This is exactly what we do for consumers. Reach out to our office and we can help you get started or put you in touch with another attorney if needed.

How long can bankruptcy stay on your credit report? 

The fact that a bankruptcy was filed will basically remain on your credit report for 10 years. The accounts on your credit report that were included in the bankruptcy will remain on your report for seven years from the date of first delinquency which will be different potentially for each credit or you have. Therefore there will be a time when your credit report shows your collector or creditor not existing anymore but the bankruptcy is still there. As a reminder, accounts can stay on your credit report for 7 years which is longer than the 10 years that the bankruptcy itself can stay on your credit report.

What should you do if you find an error on your credit report after bankruptcy? 

I know the first thing most people want to do is not deal with it. You've already gone through the bankruptcy and now you're having to deal with this again. I understand that. However, there is a better way to move forward. Instead, what you should do it's either allow us to do it for you, or you should dispute this information to all of the credit bureaus and explain why what's being reported is inaccurate, ask the Credit Agencies to correct the error, and send you a corrected copy of your credit report when they're done.

How much do we charge to help consumers with credit reporting issues? 

We do not charge consumers any out-of-pocket expenses for our services and unless we obtain them a recovery for damages first. That is our no-fee guarantee.

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