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What They Say about the Book on Identity Theft and Credit Repair.

“ described...helpful to people with fraud accounts on their credit reports.”

Moses Chapman

“I loved it”

Leila Robinson


What’s Inside our Book on Identity Theft?

Topic 1

How To Find Accounts
Simple to follow instructions

Topic 2

Exact Steps To Follow
Checklist and Definitions

Topic 3

Templates To Use
Use our forms and just fill them in

About the Author

Joseph McClelland, Esq.

Attorney McClelland is the author of this book. He is a graduate of Loyola New Orleans School of Law. He is an attorney for identity theft victims and ID fraud.

Mr. McClelland has been quoted by Martha Stewart, Investopedia, Best Company, and Newsday to name a few. His law practice consists of helping consumers with credit litigation under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection, and state consumer laws.

The book on identity theft is a must read if you are trying to go-it-alone without getting an attorney involved at this time.

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