Why is my credit score is 0? 

Not having a credit score can be a bizarre experience.

Having reviewed hundreds of credit reports and credit scores as a credit attorney, there are generally 3 reasons why you have a zero credit score.

All three can be resolved. Two of three reasons for having a zero for a credit score may be violations of the law so that you have a lawsuit against the credit bureaus. One you will not have a claim for damages. 

In this article you are going to learn the 3 main reason you don't have a credit score and which one's give you the potential right to file a lawsuit.


What does it mean when you have no credit score?

3 Potential Reasons:

Reason #1: The first reason you may not have a credit score is that you do not have any open are closed accounts are straight line. According to many of the credit bureaus, unless you have history on your report, the scoring mechanisms will not give you a score. Therefore, one of the main reasons people don't have a credit score if they have absolutely no cards history. This is the case for most children and young adults until they begin to reply get accepted for credit.

Reason #2: The second reason people may not have a credit score is they are being reported as deceased.

You may find out that one of the furnishers of credit told the credit bureaus you're dead and they put on your credit report.

When a credit report has a deceased indicator on it, it will produce a zero credit score every time.

Therefore, if you have ever had a credit score, it should never revert back to zero.

If you have a 0 credit score after having any credit score in the past, this would mean that you have a deceased indicator on your credit report, and you are being reported as deceased.

Example: You have credit score of 542. Then, you look and it's 0.

You have likely been mistakenly reported dead. We can sort that out for you if that's the case.

Reason #3: The final reason you can have a zero credit score is a combination the last reason and being confused with another consumer.

Many times the credit bureaus don't know where you begin another consumer ends.

Shockingly, the credit bureaus do not require a perfect 9 to 9 social security number match when they put accounts on your credit report.

In some circumstances the credit bureaus can improperly match another person's accounts to your credit file.

In rare circumstances, the credit bureaus will mix your credit file with another person who happens to be deceased.

If the deceased consumers account it's on your report or given to a potential lender, it will produce a zero credit score calling you to be denied credit.

In conclusion, if you are young or have never had a loan, credit card, or auto loan, then you may have a zero credit score because you lack credit.

If you have had an account or loan before and have a zero credit score, you are either being reported as deceased on one of your own accounts or an account that is being improperly associated with you.

If you think you should have a credit score when you don't, reach out and let's get started.

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