How to Fix Social Security Administration Wrongly Declaring You Dead

How would you react if you are declared dead? You'll be shocked, no? Of Course, you'll be, it will be your worst nightmare.

According to some studies, this keeps happening and it is very common. Almost 6,000 people are wrongly said to be dead by the Social Security Administration and in some cases, people are not actually aware of this, until and unless they have the use of a Social Security Number.

But what to do if happens to you? How would you deal with all the formalities and paperwork? So many questions might be popping up in your head, so worry not, we have discussed the various things that you need to do if you are wrongly listed by the social security administration.

The Feature Highlights

  • The SSA makes a fair amount of "deadly" errors each year.
  • There is a service that will help you correct this for free.
  • If this has impacted your credit report, you may have the right to sue.

We Do the Heavy Lifting for You

As we all know, that social security number is a very significant set of numbers that is used to keep a track of all the earnings of the whole life of a person. Most importantly, it's the main source of personal identification.

Basically, it is a nine-digit number issued by the government of the United States to the citizens of the United States or eligible U.S citizens to keep track of their earnings and the number of years they worked.

Moreover, it is a really confidential number that should be kept hidden and under strict security. Most importantly, you should not allow anyone to see it and you should only share it with people only if it's important enough.

I would enforce my rights if they ever fail to listen. It's one thing to put a derogatory mark on your credit report, but it's another thing to shut it down complete it .


For you to be declared deceased, it just takes a wrong sequence of numbers to be entered in the list.

For instance, when a person dies, his death certificate is given to the SSA to update his account information as deceased.

If the employee types a wrong digit in the actual sequence of the number then it will be the biggest blunder as the person who is actually deceased will stay alive and the other person will be mistakenly declared dead. 


It might seem funny but it's actually not! Yes, being wrongly listed while you are alive is quite a serious thing, most importantly because of your identity and your finances. You can often find the deceased indicator under the portion of your report that references who is responsible for the debt.

And somehow, even if you succeed in sorting out the blunders. Then too you might face some problems such as:

* You are likely to lose all the benefits that you were receiving every month.
* You might not get a loan, credit card, student loans, home loan, or employment.
* Also, you might not get access to your own bank accounts.
* You might not get the refund on taxes or even your tax return might get rejected, even when you are eligible for it.

Isn't it too terrifying to hear that you'll not get access to your own bank accounts and all the other benefits? Obviously, it is. A wrongful act can create havoc in the finances. Unluckily, nothing simple would work to sort this out, not even visiting the bank manager again and again. All that you will need to do is to go to the SSA and ask to correct the mistakes and bring things back to normal.

Issues with the Social Security's office and erroneous deaths are common.

One of the main issues is that federal agencies may stop all benefits like Social Security checks will stop. If the Social Security Administration mistakenly declared you dead, we can help fix it all. Being wrongly put on the death master file is something we can help with. I recently read an article where a woman mistakenly was declared deceased by the SSA without there ever being a death certificate on you. Unfortunately, we see that all the time in my office.

We are credit lawyers which is different from credit repair because in the end, we help get you compensated.

We can help write all the letters, include all necessary documentation like your driver's license, social security card, and handle all the follow up calls. Most clients also have a substantial claim for damages because the credit bureaus are likely saying you are dead, as well.

Attorney Joseph McClelland regularly discusses topics like erroneous death cases, death master file, social security check stoppage, credit bureaus that falsely or mistakenly declared dead consumers that were alive, and more.

Your attorney for when social security administration mistakenly declared you deceased. Let us deal with the Social Security's office and the credit reporting agencies. We can help deal with with what happens after your credit card closes and your credit score gets erased. You don't need the help of a federal agency like the Federal Trade Commission or the Central Financial Protection Board. We do it for you.


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