Can You Sue When Your Credit Dispute Fails?

after a credit dispute
  • What should you do after you dispute errors on your credit report but before you get any response back? I hear this question a lot and I thought it over several times. I always come back to the same response. I don't think you should do anything. If you've already sent in all the information that you have, then I would just wait.
  • If, however, you think there is better information out there but you just have not received it yet, then you could consider taking the additional steps to get that extra information for the next round disputes just in case this round of disputes does not work in your favor.
  • Therefore, other than searching for information that you may want to use in a future credit report dispute with the credit reporting agencies in case this dispute fails, I would do nothing but make sure you have marked your calendar for a reminder to make sure you get responses back from the credit reporting agencies.
  • Go here for more information and a template to dispute Equifax accounts or dispute Trans Union accounts or Experian disputes.
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  • If you do not get a response back within 30 days, I would consider read disputing to the credit bureaus again using certified mail return receipt.

What To Do If Your Dispute Is Successful?

If you were fighting them over and over, I would reach out to see about filing a lawsuit anyway. If you feel like they created unwanted distress in your life, then reach out regardless.

Sue Experian for Credit Mistakes

We can sue Experian in they have violated your rights.

Sue TransUnion for Credit Mistakes

We can sue TransUnion in they have violated your rights.

Sue Equifax for Credit Mistakes

We can sue Equifax in they have violated your rights.

Did you know that one bank alone can make well over $50,000 more in profit off of your mortgage if you have an error on your credit report AND at the exact same time, they are the ones paying the credit reporting agencies tons of money? 

Can you now see why the system is broken? 

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Joseph McClelland

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