Accurate Background, Inc. Errors?

Were you denied a job or a place to live because of an error on your background check? We can help you dispute an errors and get you compensated.

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Accurate Background Check Errors

Accurate provides background screening services to employers. What this means for you is that when you apply for employment, they may use this company to research your background.

If you don’t get the job because of what Accurate finds, you may have a solid claim against them if background check was inaccurate or just plain wrong.

Background check shows false criminal record
False felony charge on my record from Accurate
Mistaken identity on the Accurate background check

Instead of trying to figure it out yourself or (even worse) hiring someone to do this is a costly mistake.


The law provides you with the ability to have a lawyer correct Accurate mistakes. That’s what we do with a no-fee guarantee.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows consumers the right to sue for inaccurate credit reporting. If you have been reported in error, you should not walk away from your rights.

The error will continue to follow you until we get it corrected.

The Accurate will provide one free report if you request
it and if the company has a file on you.
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You have a right to a correct background check. If you’ve been denied employment because of an error, you have a substantial case for damages. That means they likely owe you compensation for destroying your chances at that job.

If this has happened to you, please reach out to our law firm. We understand that credit errors are brutal and devastating to you economically but also emotionally.

Complete the form below and we can have a short conversation about what we can do to get you compensated, the error corrected, so we can get you back to work. Many times, you will have multiple background check companies reviewing your information such as Goodhire and Sterling.

Reasons to Call:

  • You may have the right to sue Accurate Background, Inc. and demand compensation.
  • You have a right to be notified the decision based on your background check.
  • You have a right to have your legal fees paid.

A representative will reach out. Your phone call will be confidential. Completing this form does not create any legal relationship. We will never sell or rent any information or any of your market data. Copyright 2021. All rights reserved.