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Did Sterling background check errors cost you a job or delay your start date?

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Did Errors on Your Sterling Background Check Cause You to Lose a Job?

What is Sterling Talent Solutions?

Sterling Talent Solutions was founded in 2005 by two former FBI agents who saw an opportunity for the industry. They recognized that there were many individuals with criminal records, but they also realized that these people could be very valuable assets if given a second chance and provided with proper training and support services. STLS has since grown into one of the largest background screening companies in America today.

Nearly 30 percent of Fortune 500 firms rely on its services, which are conducted from its headquarters in New York and employs thousands of people throughout the world.

What is in a Sterling Background Check? 

When you order your background check from Sterling, they will first run a report called an ACH which searches public records available at state level agencies for any criminal history that may have been reported within their system. If no record was found, then they search federal databases such as NICS, FBI’s CRS, USMS, etc., to see if there are any active warrants or restraining orders filed against you.

Sterling Background Checks May Include The following:

Criminal Records – If you’ve been arrested or convicted of any crime, we may not be able to run your background check at all. We can only perform criminal record searches that are related to employment positions such as security guard jobs, cashier jobs, receptionist jobs, janitorial staff jobs, etc..

This is not unique to Sterling. For example, other background check bureaus like Checkr, do the same.

Credit Reports & Collections – A credit report includes information about how well you pay bills and whether there have been collections against you.  

  • Did Errors on Your Sterling Background Check Cost You a Job?
  • Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, background checks must be as accurate as feasible. Checking background check businesses, like as Sterling, need to make sure that databases are reliable and current.
  • It's unfortunate that background checks might contain mistakes. There are a number of reasons for this, including obsolete databases and poor profile matching. Some job applicants discover that their criminal records have been jumbled up with those of another individual. This might happen when two people have the same name and date of birth.
  • An mistake in your Sterling background check may entitle you to monetary damages if it lost you an employment chance. Take advantage of our free case review service now.
  • Any errors in your Sterling background check can be challenged by writing to the address below and sending it in. You may also make a complaint via phone. Sterling Talent Solutions has 30 days to examine your allegations and fix any inaccuracies once you make a complaint.