Why You Should Never Dispute Your Credit Report Online

The law firm of Joseph P. McClelland, LLC helps consumers hurt by credit errors such as being mistakenly reported deceased litigation, mixed with someone else, and more. 

In this article we are going to discuss why you should never dispute your credit report online. I will cover each of the three credit reporting agencies in the discussion. Also, I will share with you what you should do instead.

At the end of the article, I give away something that will be very helpful, as well.

To start out, you only need to know that there is a law (credit dispute laws) that gives you legal protection, and you must know it. Its name is the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This is a very powerful law that you must use to fix inaccuracies or misleading info on your credit report. As a credit report lawyer, I know, this law is a game changer for you. It works for credit errors and identity theft. If you have identity theft, go to this page on identity theft lawyers and how we help.

How the Fair Credit Reporting Act Works

  1. You must file a dispute with the credit reporting agencies BEFORE the law really kicks in. This means that nothing happens until you file a dispute with the agencies. Nothing.
  2. Once you file a dispute, the credit agencies and creditors must investigate your dispute to see if you are correct.
  3. If they don’t fix INACCURATE info, you have a claim. If they fail to correct something that is actually accurate, then you have no claim. It requires the information being reported to be wrong or misleading.

Are Online Disputes a Trap or a Scam?

I would not call it that. I would instead say that in the likelihood that the credit agencies or creditors don’t fix their mistakes, you are left without much evidence of what you disputed or if you even disputed in the first place. You are basically disputing into a black hole. As a consumer attorney, I know that evidence wins cases and makes settlements easier. If you were to mail the dispute instead, certified, you will have proof they received the dispute and failed to reasonably investigate your dispute.

Mailing a Dispute Certified Mail vs. Online Dispute with Trans Union

Pros of Disputing Online with Trans Union: Fast

Cons of Disputing Online with Trans Union: Since the chances of them fixing the error are slim, you won’t fix the error or have proof to sue them for damages. A credit dispute letter is the way to go.

Result: WINNER is mailing your disputes!

Why you should not dispute Trans Union credit report errors online:

Why you should never dispute Equifax credit report mistakes online:

Why you should never dispute Experian credit reporting errors online.

Reminder: When they don’t fix the error and you have the proof, you need to force them to fix it and pay you damages IF you send your dispute certified mail.

If you dispute your credit reports online, you make it difficult to enforce the law, and it slows you down. Eventually, if you are correct, it will require filing a claim to make the credit bureaus correct the problem, especially if it was not fixed the first time.

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