Do you have your brother's or sister's information on your credit report?

Believe it or not this is an extremely common problem among siblings. Unfortunately, once this happens to you, your ability to correct this type of mistake on a continuing basis is extremely limited.

And this article we're going to cover why a brother and sister may have their credit information commingled or merged together.

We will cover your legal rights

We are going to go over why it's important to correct this type of situation between family members.

It's going to cover why it's nearly impossible to fix by yourself and finally we are going to cover whether or not you can sue get it fixed.

Note: You have been wronged and may be owed money for what the credit reporting agencies have done and will continue to do.

Why do brothers and sisters credit information get each other's credit files?

This is because the credit bureaus have a matching system to put together their credit files. Their computer system does not use all of the digits in your Social Security number.

It only needs to match seven of the nine digits in your social security number. Their computers may match anyone with seven of the nine matching digits, similar names, and similar addresses.

In the case of a brother and sister, it is very common that their social security numbers are close. Also, brothers and sisters will often have a similar address and last name. This type of mistake happens with twins a great deal. Even if you are not a twin, the same issues apply. It also happens with dad and sons.

We fix these types of errors at the source. Unless you want a life of never knowing what will show on your credit report, you should consider seeing our process of dealing with Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian. 

Why is it important for this to get fixed?

However, the randomness of how they enter your credit report may cause an issue borrowing money since you never know who's file they will actuall pull or what will on it.

Also, your credit limit may get lowered because of the fluctuations and variations on your credit reports.

Can I fix this myself?

Because this issue is with the computer system at the agencies, you can not fix this yourself.

The matching system the credit reporting agencies have been implemented is causing a problem, you are going to need to have the other person's information suppress from your file.

This really needs to be done at the source for them to make them keep your sister's or brother's information off of your file.

This will not be accomplished with a phone call or a bunch of dispute letters.

Let's talk about how we can take over and get this done for you.

Can I sue the credit bureaus over this?


You can to the credit bureaus when they do this. They will be required to make the correction. Also, they will be required to directly pay for all of your legal fees and pay you damage and emotional distress.

Our law firm handles these exact types of cases on a contingency basis. We have a no-fee guarantee which means that we only get paid if the credit agency to write a check by settlement or verdict. Give us a call today or complete the form to see how we can help.

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