Portfolio Recovery Associates Calling

The law firm of Joseph P. McClelland, LLC helps consumers hurt by credit errors such as being mistakenly reported deceased litigation, mixed with someone else, and more. 

Is Portfolio Recovery Associates
Trying To Collect a Debt from You?

Portfolio Recovery Associates is a debt collection company.

What To Look For Against Portfolio Recovery Associates:

  • Inaccurate Credit Reporting
  • Calling the Wrong Number
  • Harassing You by Phone (Your debt)
  • Already Paid the Bill
  • Not Your Account
  • Past the Statute of Limitations (deadline)

What are Your Rights Against Portfolio Recovery Associates?

If you are being wrongly called by Portfolio Recovery Associates, you have a right to file suit under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act for $500 to $1,500 per call since you were calling the wrong person.

If it is your debt, you have the right to make them stop calling. If you have told Portfolio Recovery Associates to stop calling but they continue to call, you may have a claim for damages under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. We regularly help consumer collect under the TCPA.

There is also a prohibition on calling too many times. If you think the number of calls from Portfolio Recovery Associates is just too many, it probably is. Reach out and see what we think.

You have the right to have an accurate credit report. If Portfolio Recovery Associates is reporting falsely, then disputing to the credit agencies is a good first step. We can assist you with any questions you have.

What is Portfolio Recovery Associates' Address?

Portfolio Recovery Associates Address:

Irvine, CA 92619
Phone: 1-888-469-4520

BBB and CFPB Continue to Receive Complaints Against Portfolio Recovery Associates

Portfolio Recovery Associates, a debt collection form, is commonly hired by companies for collecting a delinquent debt. However, people must be aware that this debt collecting agency cannot harass, treat, or deceive any debtor. If the agency does, there may be a claim for damages.

This debt collecting agency has been a party to more than 5,4000 federal cases according to their credit issuance and debt collection incurred on the credit cards. In the recent Federal Court case against the Consumer Portfolio Services, the agency is alleged to use harassing and illegal communication tactics attempting to collect a payment from a harassed consumer.

Even in the past years, a number of consumers are complaining about the debt collection practices of Portfolio Recovery Associates. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) have maintained complaint databases about the complaints of consumers against the said debt collection firm, including:

Based on the BBB’s website, they have received almost hundreds of complaints against Portfolio Recovery Associates.

In the past years, the CFPB database has received more than 1,600 complaints against Portfolio Recovery Associates

As of September 2019, the CFPB an already received a total of 2,398 complaints about debt collection practices issues, mostly against Portfolio Recovery Associates’ debt collection practices. In the BBB’s website, there are already a total of 77 complaints against Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc. with varying issues.

What are the Debt Collection Harassment Tactics of Portfolio Recovery Associates?

Consumers may file a complaint against Portfolio Recovery Associates if they are experiencing any of the following:

  • Phone calls at an inconvenient time, including calls before 8AM or after 9PM
  • Talks to others about consumer’s debt
  • Calls the consumer’s place of work or employment
  • Makes misrepresentations of fact
  • Sends incorrect information to the credit bureaus
  • Uses harassing and abusive language
  • Constant phone calls
  • Phone calls after being told to stop calling
  • Phone calls when Portfolio is calling the wrong person

From August 2019 to September 2019, the CFPB has received the following complaints against Portfolio Recovery Associates:

  • Improper use of the report
  • Issues during the payment process
  • Credit inquiries on the report that the consumer does not recognize
  • False information on the report
  • Issues at the end of the lease of loan
  • Problems with the interest rate

In the 77 complaints against Portfolio Recovery Associates at BBB, the common complaints are the following:

  • Problems with service or product
  • Failure to send monetary corrections
  • Collection/billing issues
  • Failure to apply the payments to the consumer’s account

Do you receive some harassing numbers from 888-649-4520, 800-924-0364, or 800-304-6812?

These are the numbers used by Portfolio Recovery Associates, but take note that the agency is using other phone numbers.

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