Is ABC Financial Services
Trying To Collect a Debt from You?

ABC Financial Services is a debt collection company.

What To Look For Against ABC Financing:

  • Reporting You Dead
  • Inaccurate Credit Reporting
  • Calling the Wrong Number
  • Harassing You by Phone (Your debt)
  • Already Paid the Bill
  • Not Your Account
  • Past the Statute of Limitations (deadline)

What are Your Rights Against ABC Financial Services?

If you are being wrongly called by ABC Financing, you have a right to file suit under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act for $500 to $1,500 per call since you were calling the wrong person.

If it is your debt, you have the right to make them stop calling. If you have told ABC Financing to stop calling but they continue to call, you may have a claim for damages under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. We regularly help consumer collect under the TCPA.

There is also a prohibition on calling too many times. If you think the number of calls from ABC Financing is just too many, it probably is. Reach out and see what we think.

You have the right to have an accurate credit report. If ABC Financing is reporting falsely, then disputing to the credit agencies is a good first step. We can assist you with any questions you have.

What is ABC Financing's Address?

8320 Arkansas, #107, Sherwood, AR 72120

BBB and CFPB Continue to Receive Complaints Against ABC Financing

ABC Financial is a billing services company with specialization to monthly payment processing and delinquent account collection. This billing services company has already collected a number of complaints related to an alleged Fair Debt Collection Practice Act violation.

Based on the ABC Financial website, they are the leading payment and software processing for wellness and health industry. They offer different payment processing solutions and claims to be trusted by more six thousand clients all over North America and Europe.

In the past years, the Better Business Bureau has already closed about 420 complaints against ABC Financing. Most of these complaints are concerned about issues related to collection and billing services, while some consumers also complained about the company’s customer service and advertising.

Meanwhile, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has already closed a total of 18 complaints against ABC Financing as of March 2015.

Based on the BBB’s Customer Complaints Summary Against ABC Financing, 282 complaints were closed in the last 3 years, while 75 complaints were closed in last 12 months.

There are:

14 complaints on sales or advertising

174 complaints on billing or collections

94 complaints on the problem with service or product

Other Complaints Against ABC Financial:

  • Refused to cancel membership and refund
  • Attempted to collect membership fee, but the gym already closed a year ago
  • Charged a consumer, but the consumer already canceled the contract

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