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Can I sue creditors and credit agencies like Equifax, Experian and Trans Union that are falsely reporting on my credit report?

Yes. If you have mailed in disputes to the credit reporting agencies about errors on your credit report, but the errors are still there, then you can sue creditors and credit reporting agencies for any damages you have suffered. An Atlanta credit report attorney, like myself, can make them correct any errors, pay you your damages and make them pay all legal fees. We do not charge clients unless we win.

Are the credit bureaus refusing to take inaccurate information off of your credit report? Is this keeping you from getting the house or from getting the job you deserve?

What is an FCRA Claim?

An FCRA claim with a credit reporting lawyer generally starts with your credit report being inaccurate. This is a claim against the credit bureaus for damaging your credit after you notified them of their mistakes.  The credit bureaus have a legal responsibility to take make sure the reports they issue are correct and accurate. This is why you must notify the credit bureaus when your credit report is inaccurate. The credit bureaus will request an update from the furnisher - the creditor that is "furnishing" the information to the credit reporting agencies. If creditors say the information is correct when it's actually inaccurate AND the credit agencies don't suppress the account information, you may have a claim for damages. You may need an FCRA attorney to help you navigate the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

What is an FCRA Attorney?

FCRA attorneys can help you negotiate and resolve a claim against the credit agencies for not correcting known errors that are effecting your credit scores after you mailing in your disputes. Understanding consumer law and the Fair Credit Reporting Act are the keys to removing actual inaccuracies.

If you've been a victim of identity theft, as you know, the bad accounts can kill your credit scores. These accounts can be the result of typographical errors or as a result of identity theft. For more information on what to do after identity theft, see our page on Atlanta lawyers fighting identity theft.

Atlanta Credit Report Attorney Against the Credit Bureaus

  • Losing of promotion or a job
  • Denial of credit
  • Losing of promotion or a job

We Can Help You Fix Credit Report Errors and Get Compensation for Your Damages

If the information is not fixed after you dispute it in writing, you may be entitled to sue for compensation and make them correct your credit report.​

If the report is not corrected after a dispute, consumers can sue for a corrected report, as well as for compensation, including damages for financial harm and emotional suffering.

The law also gives consumers who are hurt by intentional wrongdoing punitive damages.
If you’ve been harmed by credit report errors, the law also may award you reasonable attorney fees. 


  • Send your dispute letters by certified mail with return receipt.
  • Don't dispute online or try to do so with an email. Your FCRA case will be stronger by having proof of what you've done. All FCRA attorneys will be pleased for you to have proof of receipt.  Even though Equifax is right here in Atlanta, Georgia, many times they claim to have never received your disputes.
  • If you have an account that was created as a result of identity theft, you will want to include a police report and identity affidavit with your dispute for best results, although not necessary under the law.
  • If you are getting calls from a business or collector, you really want to see our page on Atlanta TCPA attorneys.

Credit report errors are very common now days. However, there is a law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) which helps protect consumers like you and me. If your credit report has mistakes, it is important to dispute them as soon as possible to stop them from doing any more damage to your credit scores. Call an Atlanta FCRA attorney for proper assistance.

Credit report errors can wreak havoc on your credit score. When your credit score goes down, it could be costing you money. You need an Atlanta credit report lawyer on your side.

Hire me as your Atlanta credit report attorney so I can help you with all of the above. Call our office now for immediate assistance.

Credit Report Errors Can Cost You:

  • High insurance rates
  • High interest rates on everything
  • Losing of promotion or a job
  • Denial of a Home Mortgage Loan
  • Denying your Rental Application
  • Denial you more Credit

Delaying May Cause You to Forfeit Your Rights: Contact Us Today

By failing to take legal action, consumers may lose their right to sue including because of the FCRA's statute of limitations.

If you have otherwise good credit except for these errors, or if you suspect you are the victim of identity theft, contact us for a free telephone evaluation.


#1: Have All Errors Deleted

We make sure all negative information is removed and will never return.

​​If it ever comes back, there will be damages to pay!

#2: FCRA Pays Damages 

The FCRA law requires them to hire you an attorney and pay them directly.

They must pay you any damages they have caused when they break the law.

“Don't fall into the FCRA trap. Take the right steps. ”

Atlanta Attorney Joseph McClelland, Esq.