Second social security number on my credit report

Have you recently looked at your credit report and seen a major credit error? What I'm asking specifically, is have you seen a second social security number on your credit report?

Just so you know, you're only supposed to have one social security number. If you see a 2nd social security number there is a major issue happening in your life.

Why do I have two Social Security numbers on my credit report?

I'm not sure how much you understand two things about what is happening to you.

The first thing that you may not be able to see, is that when you apply for loans or apply for anything the credit report is being sent to those businesses may not match the credit report that you see when you look at it yourself even when the used your personal information.

Another thing that's a major issue is that the normal way to permanently correct a credit report error generally will not work in these types of cases even if you send them your social security card.

It is estimated that over 1% of people in America have their credit reports combined or merged with another person. Having a 2nd social security number or a wrong social security number is evidence that this is exactly what you are experiencing.

Many times it may be your brother or sister's accounts. If you have a twin, it's even more likely.

Sometimes you may look at your credit report and see accounts that are not yours. Some of those accounts may be in good standing, however, some of those accounts may be wrong. 

But again, in this type of situation what you see on your credit report may not accurately reflect what's being shown to third parties. This is very common.

The last thing that's important for you to know if you have another Social Security on your credit report, is that you have potentially a valuable case against the credit reporting agencies.

It's kind of like slander or your credit report for them not keeping your records straight.

These cases have been known to bring in a substantial settlement. You have more than one social security number on your credit report, do not take matters into your own hands.

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How do you learn you have this type of credit error?

Many times when applying for a credit card or other loan, the business will pull your credit report using your social security number, full name, address, and date of birth. This happens with a credit application.

When these credit reporting companies respond, you may be told you have an account or other personal information that is not yours.

If that account is in good standing or has payments made on it in the past, this is a credit bureau error.

To protect yourself, a consumer in this situation should find an attorney with experience. Don't let Experian, TransUnion, Equifax hurt your credit scores with their mistakes.

You can also learn about this when you check your file online with Reviewing your files is the best way to see.

What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is the main law that governs your credit report. It says what can and can’t be on your credit report, and what your rights are when it’s not accurate.

For example, under the law, if they report another person's credit card on your credit file, that action will generally violate the FCRA.

Can you sue the credit bureaus for reporting you with 2 socials?

Yes. That is exactly what we can do for you.

It doesn't matter if it is Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion, we can contact us for help and get a free phone consultation when it works for you.

Can this be identity theft?

It depends. Identity theft or fraud could be one of the reasons, but with multiple SSNs, it's likely not identity theft for most consumers.

Can a credit report be run without a Social Security number?

No. Almost any application to get a loan by a consumer requires companies to check the records and files at Experian (for example) to protect and make sure your identity, personal information, name, and social is correct.

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