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Uncontested Divorce

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Hiring the Right Attorney Makes the Difference

Looking for a quick, simple, inexpensive way to get a divorce in Georgia?  For an Uncontested Divorce both parties must fully agree.  This type of divorce is usually much easier on the parties and more economical.  Our firm helps those looking for a no contest divorce in Butts County, Henry County, Cobb County, Fulton County, Dekalb County and surrounding cities.  Therefore, if you live between Atlanta and Jackson, we have you protected. Call (404) 381-8584. 


  • Set up appointment to come into the office
  • Draft the settlement agreement for your divorce
  • Have you sign all of the settlement agreement papers
  • Forward the settlement agreement to the other spouse
  • Once returned, we file all necessary paperwork with the clerk of court

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We ask that only one party come into the office. Let’s fill out the necessary paperwork.  You should have already decided how to divide the marital property, debts, and any support issues.  We will then complete and notarize all documents for the other party’s signature.

It is so important to stay pleasant.  Even if you never were during your marriage. The lines of communication need to stay open.  If both of you can’t speak, then it makes it harder to agree.  Now, if you have kids, then this is a must.  The both of you will share the most important thing in your lives together…your kids.  This is the same for an Atlanta uncontested divorce as it is for a McDonough divorce.

For the foreseeable future, the two of you will have something in common. But it does not end at the age of majority.  Properly done, in my opinion, your relationship should last the rest of your lives.  Your child or children are equal parts you and them, so don’t say anything bad about the other.

Questions and Answers About Uncontested Divorce

  • Question:  How long does it take to get an uncontested divorce?  Does it matter if I live in Marietta, but my spouse lives in McDonough?
  • Answer:  It takes 31 days before the judge will sign your divorce order.
  • Question: Do we have to go to court and testify before a judge and jury?  Do I have to have witnesses?  
  • Answer: No, you should not be required to go to court.
  • Question:  My husband and I were married in Cobb County.  We later moved to Dekalb County.  Where will our divorce be filed?  Does it matter that we do not have any children?
  • Answer:  It depends on how long you have lived in Dekalb County.  If you have moved from Cobb County over 6 months ago, then you will have a Dekalb County divorce.  Remember the 6 months residency requirement.  Whether or not you have children does not change which county in Georgia for your divorce.
  • Question:  My husband and I have agreed on all the terms of the divorce, but he refuses to sign the papers.  Does that mean that it is still uncontested?  Does he have to sign the divorce papers?
  • Answer:  If he does not sign the papers, then it is a contested divorce because he is not consenting to it.  It does not matter if he agrees with how you want everything drawn up.  What it does mean is that you can and should ask the judge for him to reimburse you for the amount of money you had to spend to get that divorce decree.  I know that is what you want to hear, but it is the truth.  I think it is best to just try to talk it out, and let it be known that this will happen.
  • Question:  We have a few credit cards together and some that are in my name.  Can I get my husband to agree to pay them all since he used the money to buy things for himself instead for the family?
  • Answer:  Yes.  If he will agree to that, then of course we can make sure that he will be financially responsible for those payments.  If the divorce turns contested, then we can request and argue that point for you.  If it is a matter of it being an uncontested divorce or not based upon some credit card bills, I would highly consider crunching the numbers to see if it is in your best interest to just compromise to get the necessary signatures.
  • Question:  Who is responsible for picking up and dropping off the children during visitation on the weekend?  For example, the husband gets visitation every other weekend, so who has to pick up the children?
  • Answer:  Since the divorce is not being contested, it is what you agree to.  Generally speaking, the party getting visitation is responsible for picking up and dropping off the children.  However, if you wish to agree to something different, then go ahead.  You can have mom drop off the children, and dad return them back home, for example.  It is up to the decision making process.
  • Can we agree to who gets custody?  Yes, you can in most circumstances.  Contact Mr. McClelland to talk about child custody issues.

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At the office of Joseph P. McClelland, LLC, we provide quality legal advice for no fault divorces to clients in Jackson, Griffin, McDonough, Monticello, Forsyth, Barnesville, Peachtree City, Atlanta, Griffin, McDonough, Jackson, Hampton, Locust Grove, as well as to residents of Henry County, Monroe County, Cobb County, Spalding County, Butts County, and  Lamar County.  We will handle all of the papers and forms.  We will oversee the spouses signing the documents, child custody agreements, alimony, attend hearings if necessary and be your family law attorney.  Call us for an easy Atlanta uncontested divorce in Georgia at (404) 381-8584.

Joseph P. McClelland can help you through the difficult time of a divorce with the experience only a qualified divorce attorney can provide.  We have the experience to give you solid legal advice on a Georgia Divorce. 

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