Fair Credit Reporting Act in Washington 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act in Washington 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act or (FCRA) is a federal law and requires creditors, also known as furnishers, and the crediting reporting agencies to do several things regarding the accuracy of the credit reports.

If they credit report is actually wrong, then you can make these consumer laws work in your favor and file a lawsuit to correct the inaccuracies. If the info on your credit is correct (just not what you want), then these laws will not help in you.

Common FCRA Errors to Correct in Washington 

  • Information that is too old to be on your report (generally 7 years)
  • Information that is just wrong and inaccurate
  • Information that is not yours such as identity fraud
  • Information that is mixed or merged with another person's credit files.

Washington Fair Credit Reporting Act State Laws

RCW 19.182.040- Stronger that the state of New York, Washington doesn't allow the CRAs to report arrest, indictment, or conviction of a crime older than 7 years unless salary $20,000 or more. Note that the Washington Fair Credit Act does not have an exception for working in the financial industry. Since the law only works for those making under 20K, I think the law is a joke.

Verdict: WEAK

Section 19.182.050 requires the disclosure to an employee if the company pulls their “investigative reports".

Verdict: WEAK

Section 19.182.090 is the same the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. This means that law is useless and likely designed for politicians to act like they did something when they didn't.

Verdict: USELESS

Do You Have a Claim under the Federal or Washington Fair Credit Reporting Act?

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