The Fair Credit Reporting Act in Arkansas

Does Arkansas have a Separate Fair Credit Report Act Itself?

The state of Arkansas does provide some additional actions in addition to those found under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Specifically involved insurance companies providing different rates based on information used in the credit report. 

This is prohibited.

Other than prohibiting insurance companies from looking at your income, zip code, marital status, and other items, does the state of Arkansas provide any additional protections?

No. There are no additional credit reporting remedies in Arkansas state law. This means that for those individuals living in Arkansas, the Fair Credit Reporting Act has what you must do to enforce your rights.

As a general rule of thumb, if you have inaccurate account information on credit report, you should first consider sending a dispute to the credit reporting agencies that are reporting the inaccurate information. 

In Arkansas like other states, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act , the credit agencies are required to send this information over to the business. The business is then required to actually investigation the disputes. 

In fact, they must do a reasonable investigation into what was listed as the reason for the dispute. Business must correct information by telling the credit reporting agencies it was correct.


At that time and place, credit reporting agencies must correct your credit report and send you notification.

However, if the business does not perform a reasonable investigation and fails to determine that your account was in Akron when it was actually an accurate, then you may have a claim for damages against that business and Credit Reporting Agency for failing to do a reasonable investigation and get to the bottom who was actually correct regarding your credit report.

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